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Barcelona City Passes | Access to Top Attractions & Tours

Travelers flock to Barcelona for its historical and heritage sites, the Mediterranean Sea, and its pristine coastline. The popularity of the city is directly proportional to how crowded it can get. Landmarks such as Antoni Gaudí’s La Sagrada Família can have up to 2-hour long queues of crowds waiting to get inside!

The most optimal and efficient way to maximize your trip to Barcelona is by purchasing one of the many Barcelona city passes suited to your budget. City passes in Barcelona offer discounts on attraction tickets, skip-the-line access, hotel transfers, transport discounts, restaurant coupons, and a host of other benefits. If you're wondering which Barcelona City Pass to buy, here's our guide to the most feasible Barcelona city passes for a cost-efficient and time-saving holiday. 

Advantages Of Buying A Barcelona City Pass

barcelona city passes
  • As soon as you land at Barcelona El Prat Airport, a cost-effective Barcelona City Pass allows you access to the Aerobus to take you directly into the city. 
  • Get Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tour tickets at a discounted price with an all-inclusive city pass to tour Barcelona.
  • Enjoy easy and quick access by skipping lines in front of monuments such as La Sagrada Família, Park Güell, and Picasso Museum.
  • Get complimentary audio guides available in multiple languages.
  • Get your tickets sent via email that make them easy to access on-the-go.
  • Enjoy scores of discounts top-rated experiences in the city.

Types of Barcelona City Passes

Depending on your budget and itinerary, here are the top Barcelona City Passes you can choose from.

barcelona city passes
barcelona city passes
barcelona city passes
barcelona city passes
barcelona city passes
barcelona city passes
barcelona city passes
barcelona city passes
barcelona city passes

Where to Buy Barcelona City Passes?

If you're a first-timer in Barcelona, we strongly suggest grabbing one of the many city passes Barcelona has to offer. It will help you firm up your itinerary and give you discounts, allowing you to explore more for less! Here's how you can go about buying a city pass in Barcelona.

Online Barcelona

Official Websites

The easiest way to book Barcelona city tours is to check the official websites of tours and city passes like the Barcelona City Pass, Hola Barcelona Travel Card, and more. Check the official Barcelona Tourism website for more information on where to get your tickets.

Third-Party Apps

Book Online

Another feasible option is a certified reseller or online vendors like Headout. Travelers can get their tickets via e-mail immediately after booking and you can make your way directly to the attraction without having to queue in front of the ticket office.

Ticket Counter

Ticket Offices

Ticket booths are present at almost every location in Barcelona. If you are not one to choose a Barcelona City Pass or if you are there only for a day or two, head straight to the ticket office, as early as possible, to get your entry tickets. Some transport passes are sold at bus stations and metros as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Barcelona City Passes

Is it worth buying Barcelona city passes?

Yes. Most Barcelona city passes offer ample freedom and flexibility so you can plan your day as you like. Depending on the duration of your trip, you can choose from 2 days to 7-day variants.

What are the best Barcelona city passes?

Barcelona Turbo Pass, Barcelona IVenture Card, The Barcelona Pass - Unlimited Attractions are some of the best Barcelona city passes that offer you access to a wide range of tours and attractions.

Which Barcelona City Pass includes airport transfers?

The Aerobus Pass, Barcelona city pass, and Hola Barcelona include airport transfers.

What is the most cost-effective Barcelona City Pass?

With respect to the number of attractions offered at a discount, the iVenture Card is the most cost-effective pass. For €85, you can save up to 40% on admission/ticket fees from an extensive list of 37 of Barcelona’s top attractions alongside airport transfers and a Hop On Hop Off ride.

What is the best Barcelona city card for traveling with family?

If you have kids with you, choosing a city card that has discounts on children-friendly attractions is very important. We would recommend the BCN All-Inclusive Card for those traveling with family. It's cost-effective and includes a bunch of family-friendly attractions.

What are some of the must-see places in Barcelona?

Some of the most iconic landmarks in Barcelona include buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí, museums dedicated to Picasso and other Spanish painters, Camp Nou, and Barcelona beaches.

What is the best Barcelona city pass to enjoy nighlife?

Barcelona Night Card: Entry to Top Clubs is the best Barcelona city pass to enjoy nightlife in Barcelona.

What is the best Barcelona city pass to get access to museums?

Barcelona All Inclusive Card: Museums & Transportation offers you access to a range of museums and transportation across Barcelona.

What can I see with Barcelona city passes?

There are a variety of Barcelona city passes that give you access to the top tourist attractions, museums, airport transfers and so much more. They are cost-effective and hassle-free!

Where can I buy Barcelona city passes?

Buy Barcelona city passes online, through official websites or at tickets counters. Booking online is often the most cost-effective and hassle-free experience.

What are the advantages of Barcelona city passes?

Barcelona city passes are cost-effective, hassle-free, cover a wide range of experiences within Barcelona including transfers from the airport and within the city.