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The coastal city of Barcelona is home to Europe’s most prominent aquariums and zoos. The Aquariums in Barcelona are designed to enhance your knowledge about the marine life around us. It caters to all age groups and has a variety of activities that will keep you entertained throughout your visit. Here's a detailed guide to the top aquariums in Barcelona.

Aquariums in Barcelona

Aquariums in Barcelona - Barcelona Aquarium

Zoos and Aquariums Around Barcelona

Aquariums in Barcelona - Acuario de Zaragoza
Aquariums in Barcelona - Biodiversarium
Aquariums in Barcelona - Barcelona Zoo

Frequently Asked Questions About Aquariums in Barcelona

How many Aquariums are in Barcelona?

The Barcelona Aquarium is the main aquarium of Barcelona. It has multiple themed sections like the Mediterranean section, the tropical area and others.

How many zoos are in Barcelona?

The Barcelona zoo is the main zoo in Barcelona. It hosts 4000 animals from over 500 species.

How much time should I spend in the Barcelona aquarium?

Barcelona aquarium is divided into multiple themes. You'll need at least 2 to 3 hours to have good look at the entire aquarium.

Are aquariums in Barcelona accessible by wheelchair?

Yes, aquariums in Barcelona are wheelchair accessible and are friendly to persons with disabilities.

Is there a dress code one should maintain while visiting aquariums and zoos in Barcelona?

No, there is no particular dress code to be followed. If you’re traveling in summer, wear light, comfortable clothes to keep yourself cool. If you’re visiting Barcelona in winter, make sure to carry umbrellas and warm clothes.

Do aquariums have events and exhibitions?

Yes, the Barcelona aquariums have events and exhibitions, some of which run all year round.

Is the Barcelona aquarium worth visiting?

Yes, the Barcelona aquarium has multiple educational activities along with entertaining events. It makes the aquarium a must-visit.

Are there eateries in aquariums in Barcelona?

Yes, the Barcelona aquariums have eateries within them. There are also several other places to eat nearby.

Where can I buy entry tickets for Barcelona zoo and aquarium?

The best place to buy tickets to the Barcelona zoo and aquarium is online.

What kind of animals can you find in the Barcelona aquarium?

The Barcelona aquarium has a variety of animals from different biomes of the world. The entire aquarium is divided into multiple themes like tropical, Mediterranean, etc.

Which are the top aquariums outside Barcelona?

The Zaragoza river aquarium and Biodiversarium are the top aquariums outside Barcelona.