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Barcelona Aquarium

Explore Europe's top marine center, home to 11,000 marine animals. Get Barcelona Aquarium tickets with skip-the-line entry and flexible durations. Elevate your visit with exclusive combo offers for aquatic wonders in Barcelona!

Barcelona Zoo

Situated in the lush Ciutadella Park, the Barcelona Zoo boasts over 400 species of mammals, reptiles, and birds, including rare and endangered ones. Check out the fascinating zoo spaces that display an impressive array of diversity - Land of Dragons, Terrarius, Aviary, Farm, Primate Gallery, Titis gallery, Palm trees, Flying Birdhouse, and Biodiversity Garden

Frequently Asked Questions

How many zoos are in Barcelona?

Barcelona majorly has one zoo; the Barcelona Zoo, a conservation area housing 4,000 animals and over 400 species of mammals, reptiles, and birds.

How many aquariums are there in Barcelona?

Barcelona Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Barcelona. However, there are many aquariums around Barcelona where you can see a variety of sea animals.

How much time should I spend in Barcelona Zoo?

Ideally, you should spend a whole day in Barcelona Zoo as they have many activities that can keep you entertained.

Is the Barcelona Zoo wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Barcelona Zoo is wheelchair accessible with disabled parking facilities and toilets.

Does Barcelona Zoo have events and exhibitions?

Almost all zoos in and around Barcelona have events and exhibitions that are worth your time. You can learn more about the animals and their natural habitat. Barcelona Zoo also hosts events like Encounter With Keepers and Earn Your Stripes.

Can you use public transport to visit a zoo in Barcelona?

Yes, you can visit zoos in Barcelona using public transport. Bus, trains and cabs are readily available.

Where can I buy entry tickets for zoos in Barcelona?

The best place to buy tickets to Barcelona Zoo is online. Buy your tickets here.

What kind of animals can you find in Barcelona zoos and aquariums?

Zoos and aquariums in Barcelona have all kinds of animals, including common and endangered species from all over the world.

Which are the top zoos around Barcelona?

The top zoos around Barcelona are El Jardí dels Ocells, Zoo del Pirineu and Animal Park Angles.

Which are the top aquariums outside Barcelona?

Aquarium River, Biodiversarium and the Turtle Valley are the top aquariums outside Barcelona.

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