Get The Best Deals on Barcelona Attraction Tickets!


Get The Best Deals on Barcelona Attraction Tickets!


Get The Best Deals on Barcelona Attraction Tickets!


Get The Best Deals on Barcelona Attraction Tickets!


Get The Best Deals on Barcelona Attraction Tickets!


Get The Best Deals on Barcelona Attraction Tickets!


Get The Best Deals on Barcelona Attraction Tickets!


Get The Best Deals on Barcelona Attraction Tickets!


Get The Best Deals on Barcelona Attraction Tickets!


Get The Best Deals on Barcelona Attraction Tickets!


Get The Best Deals on Barcelona Attraction Tickets!

Embarking on a journey to Barcelona is like stepping into a dreamland. From the moment you board the plane, anticipation builds as you imagine exploring the winding alleys of the Gothic Quarter, strolling along the beachfront promenade, and tasting delicious tapas while sipping sangria. The excitement of discovering a new city and culture is palpable, and Barcelona's charm will leave you enchanted.

What are the Top Barcelona Attractions?

Whether you choose to visit the Sagrada Familia or unleash your inner football fanatic at the legendary Camp Nou, Barcelona attractions are sure to leave you spellbound. Explore the city and its many sights with Barcelona attractions tickets from Barcelona-tickets. From Casa Batllo to Park Guell, we've got them all right here.

Religious Sites in Barcelona

No trip to Barcelona is complete unless you visit the various cathedrals in the city. Grab your tickets to Barcelona's religious sites and deep dive into the city's rich cultural heritage and history.

Best Amusement Parks in Barcelona

Make room in your itinerary for some adrenaline rush. Here are some of the popular amsument parks in Barcelona, where you can have fun with the whole family.

Why Book Barcelona Attraction Tickets From Us? is the ultimate one-stop destination to book your Barcelona attraction tickets. We are a trusted platform and offer great deals on attractions and experiences across the city of Barcelona. From tickets to visit the Sagrada Familia and the Park Guell to experiences that are off-the-beaten-path like the Casa Batllo, you will find great deals and cheap attraction tickets on the best sights in Barcelona right here! 

Why Visit Barcelona?

With its distinct architecture and cosmopolitan vibe, Barcelona is a must-visit. The heart and soul of Spain, Barcelona’s rich cultural heritage dates back over 2000 years! Explore its myriad monumental masterpieces, go nightclub-hopping, or dine on some delicious paella. No matter what you choose, one thing is for sure: you’ll never run out of amazing things to do in Barcelona! Book your Barcelona tickets today to experience this incredible city.

At Barcelona-tickets, we offer a one-stop destination to purchase ALL your Barcelona attraction tickets right here! We’ve got great deals on the best sights in Barcelona and give you the convenience of booking with just a click of a button. Take your pick from city tours, day trips, skip-the-line tickets, guided tours and much more right here!

Know Before You Go

Travel Essentials
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Best Things To Do
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Barcelona Tickets Travel Essentials

Time Zone: Barcelona observes Central European Summer Time (CEST), which is 2 hours ahead of GMT, between March to October. Barcelona joins Central European Time (CET), 1 hour ahead of GMT, between November to March.

Currency: Euro - EUR - €

Country Code: +93

Emergency Numbers: Dial 112 for any emergency.

Barcelona Tickets Best time to visit

Barcelona has a maritime Mediterranean climate making it a great destination all year round.

If you plan to enjoy the beaches of Barcelona, then visit between May and early September which is usually peak tourist season.

Those interested in soaking up the rich cultural heritage of Barcelona, visit between late March to April or between late September and October. The weather is pleasant, which is especially great for those who would like to walk around the city. In February, be sure to check out some exciting romantic things to do for couples in Barcelona.

If on a tight budget, plan your trip around the low season, which falls between November to early March. With summer crowds and autumn rains gone, Barcelona is a great spot for a winter break especially if you want to ring in the New Year in Barcelona with aplomb!

Barcelona Tickets Transportation

Barcelona is a well-connected city thanks to its well-developed public transport. You can avail the metro, bus or tram services to get to any part of the city.

While there are over 230 bus lines, the network is quite confusing to get around. Their metro and tram services are better connected and easier to navigate. Almost all attractions are within walking distance of a metro or tram station. Nearly all metro stations and buses are accessible to wheelchair users.

The metro and the buses do not run all night. But, you can rely on their night buses. They run between 10 PM to 5 AM. However, these buses are operated by a private operator, so your Barcelona Card and Hola BCN Ticket are not valid.

You can also tour the city with the Hop-on Hop-off-Bus.

Barcelona Tickets Things to do
  • Visit the still-under-construction Sagrada Familia, and witness the genius of architect Antoni Gaudi.
  • Spend a day at Park Guell, yet another creation of Gaudi, and explore the Dragon Stairs, the Guardian House, the Hypostyle Hall, the Austrian Gardens, and more.
  • View the works of one of the greatest street artists of all time at The World of Banksy Barcelona and learn all about Banky's thought-provoking artworks.
  • The Camp Nou tour is a must-experience for FC Barcelona fans.
  • Explore the city's culture while enjoying some authentic Catalan cuisine, from tapas to paella.
  • Barcelona has a lot to offer and is located in close proximity to several popular destinations such as Girona and Montjuic. If you have the time, take a day trip to one of these regions.
Barcelona Tickets Tips

Barcelona Attraction Tickets

With so much to see and do in Barcelona, knowing where to go can be overwhelming. To do justice to the city’s spectacular sights means to explore it with the pros. This is where we come in! No matter how much time you have in the city, we’ve got the perfect tour for you. To make things even easier for you, our guide to the best Barcelona attraction tickets and tours has all you need to know to choose the perfect tour for you.

Types of Barcelona Attraction Tickets

From guided walking tours to tickets to theme parks, museums and food and pub tours, we’ve got all this and much more. Check out our guide to getting the best Barcelona attraction ticket deals:

Skip-the-Line Tickets
Guided Tours
Audio Guided Tours
Day Trips
City Passes
Barcelona Tour

Skip-the-Line Tickets to Barcelona Attractions

From the spectacular Sagrada Familia to the singular Casa Batllo and Casa Mila, Barcelona attractions are some of the most popular monuments in the world. This also means waiting in long queues to enter them.

Get skip-the-line tickets to save loads of time and money and experience these attractions in all their glory. Our skip-the-line passes allow you to escape the long wait and spend all your time marveling at these Barcelona attractions.

Why Book Skip-the-line Tickets?
  • Skip the hassle of waiting in line and spend all your time exploring the stunning attractions
  • Save money with discounted skip-the-line tickets online
  • Choose the tour package of your preference - there's one for everyone!
Guided Tours Barcelona

Guided Tours of Barcelona

Make a good vacation an unforgettable one with guided tours from Visit the best Barcelona attractions accompanied by a professional tour guide. Explore parts of the city that tourists don’t often get to and learn about it along the way. Your experience is bound to be that much richer with an experienced guide in tow!

Why Book a Guided Tour of Barcelona?
  • Learn fascinating facts on the tour with an audio guide or professional guide
  • Let your guide take you to the most happening spots in the city, from the most popular to the oft-ignored hidden gems
  • Explore parts of the city most tourists never could otherwise!
  • Save time and money with discounted tickets online
Audio Guided Tours

Audio Guided Tours of Barcelona Attractions

If you like experiencing Barcelona all by yourself, unfettered and unbothered, our audio guided tours are perfect for you. Learn engrossing facts about Barcelona attractions and explore at your own pace with an audio guided tour.

Why Choose an Audio Guided Tour?
  • Learn intriguing facts about the attraction on the tour with an audio guide
  • Save time and money with combo skip-the-line audio guided tours available at great discounts
  • Experience the city like a local
  • Tour the attraction at your own pace

Best Ways to Get Barcelona Attraction Tickets

If you ever find yourself in a new city and don’t know your way about it, getting attraction tickets might seem trickier than it ought to.  Here are just a few ways to buy Barcelona attraction tickets:

1. At the Attraction’s Ticket Counter

If you’re prone to making last-minute plans, you’re sure to end up booking tickets when you get to an attraction. When you’re visiting popular attractions like the Sagrada Familia, you will have to contend with long lines at the ticket counter. There’s also a chance that they might run out of tickets by the time you get there.

2. Buy in Advance Online

Another way to purchase Barcelona attraction tickets is by getting them in advance online. Sites like Headout offers great discounts as well as many tour and ticket options to choose from. If you’re looking for a one-stop destination for all your Barcelona needs, Barcelona-tickets has got your back.

3. Via the Official Website

Alternatively, you can always choose to purchase tickets via the official websites of the attractions. Popular attractions like Camp Nou and Park Guell offer a few official tour packages that you can opt for. 

4. City Passes

City passes allow you priority access to several attractions across the city and offer a quick and convenient way to explore Barcelona attractions on a budget. The Barcelona City Pass and Hola Barcelona pass generally offer a combo of transport and attraction access that are a great value for money. However, they are hard to customize, which means you’re probably stuck visiting locations you otherwise wouldn’t want to visit.

Here are a few pros and cons of each:

Tickets Barcelona

1. At the Attraction Ticket Counter


  • Works for last-minute plans


  • You might have to stand in a queue for a long time to get tickets
  • Prices are generally more expensive when purchased at the attraction
  • You’ll have to try your luck as there’s a chance of running out of tickets
Buy Tickets Online

2. Buy in Advance Online


  • Get great discounts and deals
  • Can compare prices
  • Wide range of tours and tickets to choose from
  • Hassle-free purchase - Buy at the click of a button
  • No risk of running out of tickets as you’re booking in advance


  • Can’t see the attraction in person before purchasing tickets
Official Website

3. Via the Official Website


  • Trustworthy and safe
  • Quick and hassle-free
  • No risk of running out of tickets as you’re booking in advance


  • More expensive than other sources
  • Fewer options to choose from
City Passes Barcelona

4. With City Passes


  • Quick and easy
  • You get to explore other attractions as well
  • Trustworthy and safe


  • Can’t choose which specific attractions you’d like to visit

Barcelona Travel Guide

Exploring Barcelona attractions has never been easier! Our Barcelona travel guide has all you need to know about the city, from what to eat, to where to go, how to get there, where to stay and much more!

Jamon Iberico Barcelona Food
Barcelona Skyline
Barcelona Metro
Travel Budget
Travel Tips Map
Travelling with Kids
Spain Street Vendor
Pablo Picasso Art

Barcelona Attractions FAQs

Q. What are some of Barcelona’s most popular attractions?

A. Looking to explore Barcelona’s stunning monuments? We recommend booking Barcelona attraction tickets to the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo and Park Guell.

Q. Where can I get tickets to explore these Barcelona attractions?

Many popular attractions in Barcelona let you purchase tickets at the venue. You can also book your Barcelona attraction tickets in advance online. is the best option to find the most exciting experiences in the city at amazing discounts.

Q. What are some of the off-the-beaten-path Barcelona attractions?

A. If you’re a shopaholic or history buff, we recommend visiting Santa Caterina Market and Horta Park.

Q. Are backpacks allowed in Sagrada Famila?

A. Yes, however, they will be thoroughly checked and the organization reserves the right to refuse entry. 

Q. Which tower in the Sagrada Familia is the better one? 

A. According to visitors the Nativity tower is the one that gives a better sense of satisfaction.

Q. Can you enter the Park Guell without the ticket? 

A. Yes you can, and explore the park to an extent, however, in order to truly enjoy every bit of the park, you will need to purchase a pass. 

Q. Is Park Guell free on Sundays? 

A. On the first Sunday of everyone, there are a limited number of free tickets that are given out at the box office.  

Q. Can you take food inside Park Guell? 

A. Yes you can, however, you will only be able to consume in designated picnic areas and not the Monumental area. 

Q. How much time do you need for Casa Mila? 

A. You will need around 1.5 hours to look through Casa Mila thoroughly.  

Q. What is the best time to visit Casa Mila?

A. In order to avoid crowds and get the best scenery, go to Casa Mila between 9:00 AM to 10: 00 AM and after 4:30 PM.   

Q. What is Casa Mila used for currently? 

A. Currently Casa Mila is used for tourism purposes and it is also a center that hosts various exhibits and cultural expos.

Q. How much time do you need to explore Casa Batllo? 

A. You will need around 50 minutes to explore the interior of Casa Batllo, which is its crown jewel.

Q. How long does it take to explore Camp Nou? 

A. You can explore it for as long as you like. The guided tours usually last between one and half hours to two hours.

Q. How long does it take to explore Casa Vicens?

A. It depends on you. You can finish it as quickly as 15 minutes or with a guided tours spend around 1.5 hours

Q. How long does it take to visit the Aquarium Barcelona? 

A. The full tour of the Aquarium takes around 2 hours.