Barcelona Street Food

Barcelona Street Food | The Ultimate Guide to Food in Barcelona

Getting to know how people live their lives in other parts of the world has a strange hold on the human psyche. In addition to providing a wonderful avenue to unwind, tourism also lets people explore a foreign culture. And when it comes to knowing a new culture, there is no better way to do it than digging into the local cuisine. 

Restaurant chains have overtaken the world but the allure of street food is undeniable. Just like anywhere else in the world, Barcelona street food is influenced by the day to day life of the city and its inhabitants. It will not be entirely incorrect to say that tasting the street food of Barcelona is an integral part of visiting the city.

Top 10 Street Foods in Barcelona

Bikini Sandwich
Bikini Sandwich

This is the Catalan version of the Croque Monsieur that was developed at one of Barcelona’s most popular nightclubs in the 50s.

Cuisine: Spanish, Continental

Where to Eat: Tapas 24, Galeria Cosmo, Granja M. Viader are some places you can try the sandwich

Patatas Bravas
Patatas Bravas

A bold potato dish (just like the name sounds) that is found everywhere in Barcelona. This dish has a distinctive savory flavor lent by paprika and garlic.

Cuisine: Spanish, Continental

Where to Eat: Viana, Chivuo's, La Gastronomica, Casa Lolea, Sensi Tapas


The name of the dish means in between bread. This is why this type of sandwich dish emphasizes the filling rather than the type of bread. The filling ranges from smoked salmon to baked beans.

Cuisine: Local, Continental

Where to Eat: Bo de Be, Conesa Entrepans, Carrot Café, Bar Fidel, Entrepanes Díaz, Bodega 1900, Bar Can Ros


Croquetas are classic fried street food in Barcelona that are crunchy on the outside and filled with gooey bechamel sauce on the inside. This is best enjoyed with chilled beer.

Cuisine: Spanish, Continental

Where to Eat: Bar del Pla, La Pepita, Cerveseria Catalana, Can Paixano, Ciutat Comtal, Elsa y Fred

Pincho De Tortilla
Pincho De Tortilla

As with the rest of Spain, tortillas are popular street food in Barcelona as well. It is made of at most 5 ingredients but the output is usually good enough to woo a country full of people.

Cuisine: Spanish, Continental

Where to Eat: El Xampanyet, Bar Pinotxo, Flash Flash, Taktika Berri, Rao, Casa Rafols

Calçots and Romesco Sauce

Calçots and romesco sauce is a staple Barcelona street delicacy generally had during the winter season when the vegetable is in season. Calçots are grilled with many types of proteins and had with romesco sauce at the Boqueria Market.

Cuisine: Local

Where to Eat: Taverna El Glop, The Jardí de l’Àpat, Can Cortes, Masia Nou Can Martí, Carmen

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pulled Pork Sandwich

This one is just like the name suggests. Every ingredient of the pulled pork sandwich is chosen carefully and cooked to perfection. This is the reason why this seemingly humble preparation has become a Barcelona-staple.

Cuisine: Spanish, Continental

Where to Eat: Chivuo's, BRO Room, BlackLab Brewhouse, Paradiso, La Porca, Can Dende, Citizen Cafe


An Empanada is a baked food item available all across Catalonia and Spain. In Barcelona, this item is mostly prepared with potato fillings. 

Cuisine: Spanish, Mexican

Where to Eat: Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona, La Fábrica, Rekons, El Laurel, El Club de la Empanada, Mucci's


Bombas are another Barcelona classic. Minced meat and mashed potatoes are combined to form a ball, which is then coated in breadcrumbs and fried.

Cuisine: Spanish, Continental

Where to Eat: La Bombeta, La Cova Fumada, Bar jai-ca, L'Òstia, La Cova fumada, La barraca, Bodega Balmes


By now, you know the city’s love for sandwiches. This is yet another sandwich, specifically popular in Spain and Catalonia. These sandwiches are prepared with long baguette-like bread that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Image Credits

Cuisine: Local, Continental

Where to Eat: Bo de B, Bacoa Burger, Cafe Cometa, Sagàs, Cosmo Bodega Montferry, Can Paixano, Jonny Aldana, La Perla De Oro

Top 5 Food Trucks/Stalls in Barcelona

El Mex

This place is a household name in Barcelona. They specialize in South American cuisine and are known for their artisanal street food.

Must Try: Tacos, Quesadillas, Nachos

Where to Find Them:  All Those, Lost & Found market, and other events across Barcelona

Caravan Made

Caravan Made offer artisanal sandwiches and buns out of freshest ingredients sourced from local suppliers and alter their offerings depending on the season.

Must Try: "Curry Me" Sandwich, Moustache Roast Beef

Where to Find Them:  EatStreet, Palo Alto, All Those, Vermut Solidario.


Chivuo’s is one of the most popular names in the street food scene of Barcelona serving mouth-watering meats of traditional Spanish origin. They now have two permanent stalls in addition to pop-ups.

Must Try: Pulled Pork Sandwich, Tuna Melt, Hotdogs

Where to Find Them: Chivuos Gràcia and Chivuos Raval, as well as All Those, EatStreet, BCN Beer Festival.

Bánh Mì

Named after a Vietnamese dish, this place offers several Vietnamese street food items in addition to the eponymous dish, which is made with baguette and a variation of tofu and certain proteins.

Must Try: Vietnamese Sandwiches, Pho

Where to Find Them: EatStreet, Vermut Solidario, and other local events in Barcelona.

La Trocadero

This is a vegan food stall selling a variety of food items including but not limited to juicy hotdogs, nachos, chicken wings, and burgers. It is also located at a walking distance from Sagrada Familia and Placa Guell.

Must Try: Beyond Meat Burger, Vegan Nuggets

Where to Find Them: Carrer de la Marina