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Spanish culture and cuisine are synonymous with excellence. From flavors that come from Northern Africa to a European influence that adds flair, there is something for everyone. When visiting Barcelona as a tourist, you might not be able to sample all of the extraordinary options that are available. The best way to enjoy Spanish food is through Barcelona food tours. Each of these Barcelona food tours takes you on a different journey through the heart of Barcelona, introducing you to scrumptious foods. Through a guided food tour, you will be able to discover foods from places unknown as well as some world-renowned restaurants.

Why Take a Barcelona Food Tour

Through the best Barcelona food tours, you can enjoy some of the most delicious meals and some of the tastiest wines that the Catalan countryside has to offer.

  • Explore local cuisine like it's meant to be: A lot of the foods served on Barcelona food tours are prepared by locals in methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. 
  • Visit scenic cafes in streets unknown: Many of the places on Barcelona Tapas tours are small cafes, nestled in a cranny near a street. However, do not be fooled by its small description, these cafes often have some of the most delectable foods and offer some of the best views of the city.
  • Sip on the best wines in the regions: You will be able to try out some of the red and white wines that are made in Catalan vineyards and have a unique taste. 
  • Visit neighborhoods dedicated to the love of food: Through Barcelona tours by locals, you will be able to discover places such as Poble Sec, which has now become a hub for modern Spanish cuisine with a flair. 
  • Enjoy a day out in a local market: Markets are teeming with fresh produce, they are also full of tapas bars, where you can sample some fresh cuts of meats and fruits. 

Types of Barcelona Food Tours

Pub Tours

Pub Tours

From Vermouth to classic cocktails, many Barcelona food tours showcase the culture of Catalonia. Barcelona is home to hundreds of bars, some new and glitzy and some old and rustic.

Tapas Tours

Tapas Tours

Tapas are platters of food, consisting of either meat or bread. There are many tapas bars in the city, and it is a part of the deeply ingrained culture of Catalonia. If you are in the city, a Barcelona tapas tour is a must-do.

Cooking Tours

Cooking Tours

Learn how to make these delicacies and watch the masters make them in front of your eyes. These are hidden treasures and through the best Barcelona food tours, you will be able to unearth these gems and enjoy for yourself.

Wine Tours

Wine Tours

The Catalan region is known for a very special sparkling wine called Cava, which is readily available in Barcelona. You can enjoy this on various Barcelona food tours.

Secret Food Tours

Secret Food Tours

Visit some of the oldest eateries in the city and enjoy foods that are not known commercially to tourists. These food tours are a great way to eat foods that are only served in a few places.

Traditional Foods

Traditional Food Tours

Dine in places rich in tradition and history. The unique advantage of these secret food tours Barcelona is that these locations are not run like well-funded restaurants and aim to provide a unique and authentic experience.

Food Tours

Food & Markets Tours

There are many markets in the city and the influx of fresh produce allows various tapas bars and restaurants to set up in these markets. They will serve you some of the most delectable foods straight from the farm.

Chocolate Tour

Chocolates and Sweets Tours

Barcelona is home to a great number of patisseries, chocolate shops, and bakeries. These Barcelona food tours let you enjoy these savory delights.

5 Best Barcelona Food Tours


A 4-hour food tour that takes you on a culinary journey through the heart of the city. One of the best Barcelona food tours, you can eat heartily from lunch to dinner. Featuring the best tapas bars and restaurants, it is a great way to eat and learn more about the city.

Foodlover Tour

The best way to enjoy the local food markets is through the Foodlover tour. This tour takes you to a less crowded and touristy market in Eixample, where you can sample over 12 different dishes along the way. Top it all off with a dessert from a local bakery.

Barcelona Eat Local

A great way to experience old and new traditions, the Barcelona Eat Local tour takes you on a journey through Barcelona’s old fishing neighborhood where there are many prominent tapas bars. The journey continues as the tour takes you to Barcelona’s latest trend, craft beer.

Devour Barcelona

Enjoy some of the finest wines on offer with Devour Barcelona. You get to taste some of the finest reds, whites and sparkling wine Catalonia has to offer. You will also get to learn about the process and even enjoy some delicious tapas on the tour.

Barcelona Taste

This tour takes you to the new-age Poble Sec district, with many young chefs experimenting with Spanish cuisine. You will also be able to try out pintxos bars, which are a new take on tapas bars and serve food on skewers and sticks. 

Top 5 Must-Eat Foods on a Barcelona Food Tour



A potato-based dish filled with cheese and meat, Iberico ham, in particular, is very popular in Barcelona. It is perhaps the most famous food you can try in Barcelona and all of the Barcelona food tours have tapas bars that serve these all day long.



A dish similar to the croqueta, the bomba is a ball of mashed potato and meat, coated in breadcrumbs. These can be either bite-sized or large like the size of tennis balls. You can eat this with aioli.

Blistered Pepper

A local delicacy, the Catalans use Padron pepper, which is very mild and grill it to a char. It is served with sea salt sprinkled on top and a side of aioli.

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Spanish Omelet

A kind of omelet that is reserved for the kings, the Spanish omelet is a dish that is not only a breakfast food but can be had all day long. Filled with onions, potatoes, and chunks of ham, Spanish omelets are rich dishes that can be found in tapas bars across the city.

Pa amb Tomaquet

Sliced bread with fresh tomatoes, olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt, Pa amb tomàquet is a mandatory order in Barcelona. Each restaurant and tapas bar has its own variation of the dish.

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Your Barcelona Food Tour Experience

A city is defined by its people and culture. For a tourist, there is no better way to experience a new place than through the eyes of a local. A Barcelona food tour not only lets you enjoy the same places that locals frequent, but it also gives a chance to interact with the people who are the pillars of Catalan culture. 

Through the best Barcelona food tours, not only do you get to savor some delicious foods, but also learn more about how the food came to be and how the many cultures shaped the city.

Where to Find Barcelona Food Tours & Tickets

There is perhaps one resource for booking food tours that is far better than others and that is online portals like Barcelona-Tickets and Headout. Not only will you get the relevant information about the tour, but you will also be able to choose from a plethora of different options. 

The sheer number of Barcelona food tours might be overwhelming, however, online portals list out the pros and cons and help you compare options very effectively. They will help you choose an option that gives you the most bang for your buck while you sit in the comfort of your home. 

Know Before You Go

  • Book in advance: By booking your Barcelona food tours in advance, you are saving yourself from a world of hassle. 
  • Learn a bit of Catalan: A lot of the people running the restaurants are Catalan natives and might not speak Spanish, learn a little bit of Catalan to help. 
  • Always carry cash: A purchase under 10 Euros means that you cannot use your card to swipe. 
  • Speak up: You must speak up to your waiter and ask for the bill, water or more food if you need it. Waiters in Spain do not wait around and are required to be called upon. 
  • Tip the waiter: It is a good gesture to tip your waiter 10% of your bill and is customary in Spain to do so.