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Find Your Way To Las Golondrinas: Transportation Routes and Tips

Where is Las Golondrinas Barcelona Located?

Getting to Las Golondrinas Barcelona by Public Transport

Las Golondrinas

By Metro

Best For: Speed, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.
Travel time: 10 minutes from Plaça de Catalunya
Nearest station: Drassanes Metro Station
Timing: Operating between 5:00 am and 12:00 am, it suits even the night owls.

  • Metro Line L3 (Green Line) from Plaça de Catalunya will swiftly take you to Drassanes Metro Station in just ten minutes. Exiting the station, you'll find directional signs pointing towards Las Golondrinas.  From there, a short 5-minute walk leads you to Las Golondrinas. The metro operates at frequent intervals, ensuring you won't have to wait long.
Las Golondrinas

By Bus

Best for: Scenic city views en route to the attraction
Travel time: 20-25 minutes from Plaça de Catalunya
Nearest station: Pg Colom-Pla de Palau
Timings: Buses operate between 6:00 am and 11:00 pm daily.

  • Bus route D20 is your best bet. Starting from Plaça de Catalunya, it takes around 20-25 minutes to arrive at Pg Colom-Pla de Palau. The stop is within a 5-minute walking distance from Las Golondrinas. Not only is the bus journey comfortable, but it also offers splendid views of the streets and architecture of Barcelona.
Las Golondrinas

By Taxi or Ride-Sharing Services

Best For: Comfort and direct travel.

Travel Time: About 8-10 minutes from Plaça de Catalunya.

  • Taxi services or ride-sharing apps like Uber offer the convenience of point-to-point travel. While the cost is higher than public transport, the comfort and ease may justify the expense for some travellers.

Getting to Las Golondrinas Barcelona by Car

Las Golondrinas

Driving Route

Best for: Convenience
Travel time: Roughly 12 minutes from Plaça de Catalunya.
Distance:  Approximately 3.2 km.
Route: The quickest route usually involves taking the Ronda Litoral.

Las Golondrinas

Parking Facilities

Parking is available onsite at Las Golondrinas.

  • Timings: The parking lot is open from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.
  • Charges: Expect to pay around €2.50 per hour. Discounts are available for day-long parking.
  • Accessibility: Dedicated parking spots for those with disabilities.

Walking to Las Golondrinas Barcelona

Las Golondrinas

Best For: Active travellers and city explorers. It is best for the adventurous souls and those who love to explore.

Travel Time: Around 25-30 minutes from Plaça de Catalunya.

Distance: Roughly 2 km.

The walk from Plaça de Catalunya to Las Golondrinas is an exploration itself. Wander through the lively La Rambla, get a glimpse of the Gothic Quarter, pass by numerous shops, boutiques and cafés, absorb the local culture, and even spot some street performers. The journey culminates as the Columbus Monument is crossed, beyond which lies the final destination: Las Golondrinas. If you're a photography enthusiast, this walk will provide an abundance of scenes to capture.

Sants Station
Passeig de Gracia
From Airport
Las Golondrinas
  • Travel Time: About 23 minutes
  • From Sants Station, one can hop onto Metro Line L3 (Green Line) which takes you straight to Drassanes in approximately 23 minutes.
Las Golondrinas

  • Travel Time: Roughly 20 minutes
  • From Passeig de Gracia, another prominent station, the L3 (Green Line) will get you to Drassanes. Once there, a mere 5-minute walk will take you to Las Golondrinas.
Las Golondrinas
  • Travel Time: Approximately 40-50 minutes depending on the traffic.
  • Taxis or the Aerobús can get you to Plaça de Catalunya. From there, options like metro or bus are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Directions to Las Golondrinas Barcelona

Where is Las Golondrinas Barcelona located?

Las Golondrinas is conveniently situated in the Port Vell area of Barcelona, specifically at Moll Drassanes. This location is near the Columbus Monument, making it easy to locate for both locals and tourists alike.

Which city is Las Golondrinas Barcelona in?

Las Golondrinas operates in the vibrant city of Barcelona, which is the capital of Catalonia. Situated in northeastern Spain, Barcelona is known for its rich history, art, and beautiful seascapes.

How do I get to Las Golondrinas Barcelona?

You can get to Las Golondrinas through various means of transportation. The closest metro station is Drassanes on Line 3, which is just a short walk away. Taxis, buses, and even bicycles are other viable options depending on your starting point.

Which is the best way to get to Las Golondrinas Barcelona?

The best way to reach Las Golondrinas would depend on your location and preferences. However, taking the metro is generally efficient and economical. Drassanes station on Line 3 drops you within a brief walk of the boarding area.

Which is the fastest way to get to Las Golondrinas Barcelona?

The quickest way to reach Las Golondrinas is typically by taxi or a ride-sharing service. These options take you directly to the destination with the added benefit of avoiding multiple stops or transfers, making it time-efficient.

Which is the cheapest way to get to Las Golondrinas Barcelona?

The most budget-friendly means to get to Las Golondrinas is by taking the metro or a bus. Both are part of Barcelona’s integrated public transport system and offer an affordable way to get to your destination.

Which is the closest bus stop to Las Golondrinas Barcelona?

The closest bus stop is La Rambla - Pl del Portal de la Pau. It’s serviced by multiple bus lines including V13 and 59. From there, it's just a short stroll to the Las Golondrinas boarding point.

Which is the closest train station to Las Golondrinas Barcelona?

The nearest train station is Barcelona Estació de França. It’s about a 15-20 minute walk from the station to Las Golondrinas, making it convenient if you're arriving in Barcelona by regional or national train.

Can I park at Las Golondrinas Barcelona?

Yes, parking facilities are available in the Port Vell area. These usually come with a fee, so it’s advisable to budget accordingly if you’re planning to drive.

Is there parking for disabled persons at Las Golondrinas Barcelona?

Designated parking spots for disabled persons are available in nearby parking facilities. It's always a good idea to check ahead of time to ensure availability and any specific requirements.

Are there restroom facilities at Las Golondrinas Barcelona?

Yes, restroom facilities are provided at the boarding area, making it convenient for visitors to freshen up before embarking on their boat tour.

Is Las Golondrinas Barcelona wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the boats at Las Golondrinas are designed to be wheelchair accessible. However, it's best to confirm the availability of accessibility features when booking your tickets, just to be sure.