Your Helpful Guide to Visiting Barcelona Aquarium | Timings, Location, Tips & More

Barcelona Aquarium is a captivating destination that immerses you in the enchanting world of marine life. Whether you're a marine enthusiast or seeking a unique family outing, this guide will provide you with essential information to make the most of your visit. From opening hours to accessibility and nearby attractions, we've got you covered. Read on to learn how to plan your visit and embark on an unforgettable underwater adventure at Barcelona Aquarium.

Barcelona Aquarium | Visitor information at a glance

Barcelona Aquarium
  • What are the Barcelona Aquarium’s opening hours?
    Barcelona Aquarium is typically open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM ( depending on the season ) 
  • Where is the Barcelona Aquarium located?
    del Port Vell, Moll d'Espanya, s/n, 08039 Barcelona, Spain
  • How many visitors does the Barcelona Aquarium see per year?
    Since its opening day, on September 8th 1995, Barcelona Aquarium has been visited by more than 14 million people.

What are Barcelona Aquarium’s opening hours?

Opening Hours: The Barcelona Aquarium opens every day at 10:00 AM 

The closing time varies depending on the season: 

  • January, February, March, November, And December
    Monday to Friday - 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM
    Saturday, Sunday, Easter Holidays & Christmas Holidays - 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • April, May, And October
    Monday to Friday - 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
    Saturday, Sunday and holidays -  10:00 AM to 8:30 PM
  • June And September
    Monday to Sunday - 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • July And August
    Monday to Sunday - 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM
  • Last Entry: 1 hour before closing time.

What's the best time to visit Barcelona Aquarium?

  • Weekdays vs Weekends: Weekdays generally offer a less crowded experience compared to weekends, as locals and tourists tend to flock to the aquarium on weekends. If you prefer a quieter visit, weekdays are recommended. To avoid the peak hours, arriving early in the morning or later in the afternoon can help beat the crowds.
  • Peak vs Low Season: Consider visiting during the low tourist season, which typically falls outside of major holidays and the summer months. During this time, from September to May, visitor numbers are generally lower, resulting in a more relaxed atmosphere.
    In contrast, the high tourist season spans from June to August when Barcelona experiences an influx of visitors. During this period, weekends and peak hours can be particularly crowded.
  • Shoulder Seasons: To make the most of your visit, aim for weekdays in the low season or consider visiting during shoulder seasons such as spring or autumn when the weather is still pleasant but the crowds are more manageable.

Planning your visit on weekdays during the low tourist season, particularly during off-peak hours, will provide a more enjoyable and less crowded experience at Barcelona Aquarium.

Where is Barcelona Aquarium located?

Getting to Barcelona Aquarium

Barcelona Bus

By Public Transportation

By Bus: The buses that stop near Barcelona Aquarium are - V17 and 39, 45, 59, 91, 120, D20, H14, V13, V15. In case you have a pass to the Bus Turistic, take the Red Route and alight at the Port Vell stop. If you’re using the Barcelona City tours, alight on the Port Vell stop on the East Route.

By Metro: The closest metro stations are Drassanes (L3, green line) or Barceloneta (L4, yellow line) For L4 Barceloneta, get down at Barceloneta Metro station and for L3 Drassanes, get down at Drassanes stop. Both these stops are a walking distance away from the Barcelona Aquarium.

By Hop-On Hop-Off Bus: Both the Bus Turístic and the red buses stop at the Aquarium. For the Bus Turístic, you’ll want to take the red line that stops at Port Vell.

By Cycle: You can park your cycle at the Biking station at L’Aquàrium and it's a short walk to the aquarium from there.

Driving to Barcelona Aquarium

Know before you go to Barcelona Aquarium

Visiting with family
Visitor Tips
Restrooms at Barcelona Aquarium
  • Restrooms: The aquarium provides restroom facilities conveniently located throughout the premises for visitors' convenience.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Barcelona Aquarium is designed to be accessible for people with disabilities, offering wheelchair access, ramps, and elevators to ensure ease of movement.
  • Information Desks: Information desks are located at key points within the aquarium to assist visitors with any queries, directions, or additional information they may need.
  • WiFi: Barcelona Aquarium provides WiFi connectivity within the premises, allowing visitors to stay connected and share their experiences.
Wheelchair Accessibility at Barcelona Aquarium
  • Wheelchair users can enjoy the aquarium with ease thanks to ramps, elevators, and accessible pathways throughout.
  • Accessible restrooms are available, equipped with features to enhance accessibility and convenience.
  • Designated parking spaces for visitors with disabilities are located near the entrance.
  • Wheelchairs and walking aids are available on a limited basis. Inquire in advance or upon arrival.
  • Efforts are made to minimize noise levels and provide adequate lighting for individuals with sensory sensitivities.
  • Service animals are welcome to assist visitors with disabilities.
Family-Friendly Facilities at Barcelona Aquarium
  • Interactive Exhibits: The aquarium provides interactive exhibits and educational displays that engage and entertain children, fostering their curiosity about marine life.
  • Children's Activities: Barcelona Aquarium offers special activities and workshops designed for children, allowing them to learn more about the marine world.
  • Family-Friendly Facilities: The aquarium is equipped with family-friendly amenities, including stroller accessibility and diaper-changing facilities.
  • Shark Diving Experience: For adventurous families, the aquarium offers shark diving experiences, providing a thrilling opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures up close under the guidance of professional instructors.
No Outside Food or Drinks at Barcelona Aquarium
  • No Flash Photography: Flash photography is not permitted in the aquarium, as it can disturb and stress the marine animals. Please refrain from using flash while taking photographs or videos.
  • Stay on Designated Paths: Follow the designated paths and areas indicated for visitors. This helps protect marine life and maintain a safe environment for all.
  • No Outside Food or Drinks: Outside food and drinks are generally not allowed within the aquarium premises. However, there are dining options available where you can enjoy refreshments.
Online tickets for Barcelona Aquarium at Headout
  • Purchase Tickets in Advance: To avoid queues and ensure entry, consider purchasing tickets online in advance. This allows you to skip the ticketing line and make the most of your visit.
  • Follow the Recommended Route: The aquarium often provides a suggested route to navigate through the exhibits.
  • Attend Scheduled Activities: Barcelona Aquarium offers educational presentations, feeding sessions, and interactive activities. Check the schedule and try to attend these events to enhance your understanding of marine life.
  • Respect the Marine Life: Remember to observe the aquarium rules, including not touching the animals or attempting to remove them from their habitats. Respect marine life and ensure their well-being.
Port Vell nearby Barcelona Aquarium
  • Picasso Museum: Art enthusiasts will appreciate the Picasso Museum, which houses an extensive collection of works by the renowned artist. Discover Picasso's early works, explore his artistic evolution, and gain insights into his creative journey.
  • La Rambla: Just a short walk away from the aquarium, La Rambla is one of Barcelona's most famous boulevards. This vibrant street is lined with shops, street performers, restaurants, and historical landmarks. Enjoy the lively atmosphere, browse the local markets, or simply take a leisurely stroll along this iconic avenue.
  • Gothic Quarter: A historic neighborhood located nearby, the Gothic Quarter is renowned for its medieval architecture, narrow streets, and charming squares. Explore the ancient alleyways, visit stunning cathedrals, and discover hidden gems like Plaça Reial and the Picasso Museum.

Frequently asked questions about visiting Barcelona Aquarium

What are the Barcelona Aquarium opening hours?

Barcelona Aquarium is typically open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM but it depends on the season.

What is the best time to visit Barcelona Aquarium?

Weekdays during the low season, are generally the best times to visit Barcelona Aquarium for a less crowded and more relaxed experience.

How much time does it take to visit the Barcelona Aquarium?

Plan to spend approximately two to three hours at Barcelona Aquarium to fully explore its exhibits and interactive offerings.

Where is the Barcelona Aquarium located?

Barcelona Aquarium is located in Port Vell, Barcelona, Spain.

What is the best way to get to the Barcelona Aquarium?

The best way to get to Barcelona Aquarium is by public transportation, such as metro or bus, the nearest metro station is Drassanes (L3) and there are various bus lines serving the area.

Is the Barcelona Aquarium wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Barcelona Aquarium is wheelchair accessible, with ramps, elevators, and designated facilities to accommodate visitors with mobility challenges.

Are prams allowed in the Barcelona Aquarium?

Yes, prams and strollers are allowed inside Barcelona Aquarium. The aquarium is designed to be pram-friendly, allowing families with young children to explore the exhibits comfortably.

Are strollers/wheelchairs available at the Barcelona Aquarium?

Yes, strollers and wheelchairs are available at Barcelona Aquarium for visitor use, subject to availability.

Is photography permitted inside the Barcelona Aquarium?

Yes, photography is generally permitted inside Barcelona Aquarium. However, the use of flash photography may be restricted in certain areas to avoid disturbing the marine animals.

Can I bring food and drinks to the Barcelona Aquarium?

Outside food and drinks are generally not allowed inside Barcelona Aquarium. However, there are dining options available within the premises.

How do I book tickets to visit the Barcelona Aquarium?

Booking tickets online is the best and most convenient option