A Guide to Visiting Barcelona in September | Attractions, Festivals & Things to do


If there is one month in the year that warrants a visit to the gorgeous city of Barcelona, it's September. Great weather and fewer crowds (read: off-season) make this the ideal month to explore the various attractions including the architecture and museums. September, as compared to the other months in the year, is also when this cosmopolitan capital sees a slew of exciting and culturally immersive festivals.

Is September a Good Time to Visit Barcelona?

September is not only the best month to enjoy late summer vibes in Barcelona, it is also off-season, so no annoying touristy crowds! Plus, several lesser-known but cool festivals take place during this month.

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Why You Should Visit

  • Not too hot or humid, not too cold, the weather is just perfect.
  • Just enough sun to enjoy outdoors & beaches.
  • It's the off-season, so there are fewer tourist crowds.
  • All prime tourist attractions are open.
  • Empty streets and attractions for you to visit.
  • Several local fiestas and festivals take place during September.
  • It's the perfect time of year to try a wine tour or some pleasant beach time.
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What To Look Out For

  • September has only four rainy days on average but you may have to carry an umbrella just as a precaution.
  • Rains in September are usually heavy downpours lasting about 25 to 30 minutes.
  • You will have to pack summer-holiday-type clothes for the day but also pack a couple of warm layers for the nights, in case it really cools down.
  • The airfare and accommodation fares are comparatively lower.

Overview of Weather in Barcelona in September

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More About Weather in Barcelona in September

How hot is Barcelona in September?

Since it's late summer/almost autumn in September, the weather is the most pleasant. It isn't hot or humid like peak summer or freakishly cold like in the winters with the average temperature high being 26°C and average temperature low being 13°C.

Can You Swim at Beaches in Barcelona in September?

It is still hot enough to head down to the beach and enjoy a swim in the sea in September. The temperature of the sea is a nice toasty 24°C so you get to enjoy the must-visit Barcelona beaches in all its glory.

Does it rain in Barcelona in September?

The chances of rainfall are high on nearly four days in the month of September. The cloud cover is fairly low so you will largely witness clear skies. Fog and snow are highly unlikely in Barcelona in September.

Is Barcelona Windy in September?

Conflicting winds are a regular occurrence because Barcelona is perched on a slightly elevated plateau. In September a moderate breeze comes in from the south with average wind speeds reaching 7.7mph, which is not windy at all.

Top 12 Things to do in Barcelona in September

Since September in Barcelona is not overly crowded, you can actually relax and enjoy Gaudi’s creations in Barcelona. Peak seasons are notorious for long line-ups, heat, and for being overly crowded. The following places and things are must-visits when in Barcelona in September:

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7. Go Wine Tasting in the Penedes

Food & Wine

September luckily also happens to be the early autumn season in Barcelona which means time to bring out those wine bottles! To take a wine tasting tour there's no place better than the Penedes region that is brimming with first-rate wineries, big and small, many of whom specialize in producing Cava and table wines.

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8. Le Mercé Festival

Local Festivities

Branded as the "national festival" by locals, Le Mercé is only the BIGGEST street party in town that happens on September 24, every year. This annual carnival time is actually hosted in honor of the patron saints of Barcelona, the Virgin of Grace. Several shows across the city are free to attend and the last we heard, there were about 600 of them!

Date: September 24 (every year)

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9. La Diada, National Day of Catalunya

Cultural Experience

If you're in Barcelona on September 11, drop everything to be part of the Catalan Pride during La Diada or the National Day of Catalunya. This day of cultural events, independence demonstrations, and marches held in the heart of the city celebrates all things, Catalan. This is a one-day event only that is said to have gathered between 500,000 or 2 million people in the past year.

Date: September 11 (every year)

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10. Beach Days

Unwind at the Beach

The most fun you will have doing outdoor activities in Barcelona is during the month of September and there is no better outdoor activity than to hit the beach! It's still nice and warm (average 26°C by day) in September. Oh, and the beaches are relatively empty with reduced crowds, as everyone gets back to school and work, so use this time to soak in the sun, build sandcastles and take plenty of pictures for the 'gram.

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11. Boat Parties & Cruises

Sunset Cruise

The Mediterranean Sea is like Barcelona's crowning jewel, especially the balmy-golden sunsets here. You could either get on a 2-hour sunset cruise to enjoy the stunning views or take full advantage of September's warm weather and go on a sailing trip. September is also when the last of the Barcelona boat parties set sail, so if you want to dance and sip sangrias while you meet fellow travelers, make sure to book a boat party too!

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12. Tapas Food & Beer Festival

Food & Beer

A gastronomic heaven in September, you will find tons of street food vendors and festivals showcasing Spanish cuisines during this month. There are also standalone food festivals like the Barcelona Taste Food Tour in the Poble-Sec neighborhood where local cuisine is the highlight and the Barcelona Taste Food Tour is held in the Diagonal neighborhood of Barcelona.

Top Experiences & Things to do in Barcelona in September


Festivals in Barcelona in September

Barcelona in September is home to tons of festivals and events. For one, like we mentioned earlier, La Mercè – Europe’s biggest street party happens every year on September 24. Other festivals include:

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barcelona in september

Events in Barcelona in September

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barcelona in september

Know Before You Visit Barcelona in September

Travel Essentials
What to Wear
What to Pack
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Time Zone: GMT +2

Currency: Euro EUR - €

Country code: +34

Emergency numbers: 112

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What to Wear in Barcelona in September

  • Since September is technically late summer and also the start of autumn, the weather ranges from a pleasantly warm (26°C) to cool.
  • During the day, dress in holiday clothes like shorts, skirts, tee-shirts and also carry swimwear.
  • The nights may get ever so slightly chill so it would be wise to wear long/covered pants and full-sleeved tops or carry a layer or two like light cardigans and jackets just in case.
  • Pack dressy clothes if you're visiting upscale restaurants or pubs.
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What to Pack in Barcelona in September

  • Power Adapter: A type F plug (grounded) or a type C plug (non-grounded).
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, and beach accessories for hitting the beaches.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • An umbrella for the rain.
  • A backpack to carry around during the day with enough compartments for all your belongings.
  • Anti-theft purses and crossbody bags.
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Getting Around Barcelona in September

By Metro: An extensive electric railway network, Barcelona runs mostly underground and has eight lines and 161 stations.

By Bus: With 200 lines that run till late in the night extensively covering the city, exploring Barcelona by bus is convenient and cost-efficient.

By Cable Car (Funicular): There are three cable car lines in Barcelona that you can hop onto and take in majestic views of the city. Two lines reach Tibidabo while others offer access to Montjuïc.

On Foot: Exploring Barcelona by foot, especially in September, is a great idea given the temperature and scarce crowds.

Taxis and Bicycles: Taxis and bicycles on rent are available across Barcelona and can be taken on hire whenever convenient.

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Where to Stay in Barcelona in September

Humble accommodation for budget backpackers to opulent hotels for the well-off, Barcelona has an excellent range of stay options for all kinds of travelers. Read more to find hotels that suit your fancy.

Budget Hotels - Hostal Boqueria, ibis Meridiana, Vincci Bit, Hotel Oasis, Hostal Sans, Casa Kessler, Violeta Boutique, Fabrizzio’s Petit, 360 Arts & Culture

Mid Range Hotels - Hotel Ambit Barcelona, Murmuri Residence Mercader, Hotel Soho Barcelona, Hotel Cuatro Naciones, Hotel Pratik Vinoteca, Hotel Costanza, Mayerling Schumann Barcelona

Luxury Hotels - Mercer Hotel Barcelona, Casa Camper, Mandarin Oriental, Grand Hotel Central, Majestic Hotel & Spa, Soho House, H10 Casa Mimosa, El Palace, Catalonia Magdalenes

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What to Eat in Barcelona in September

Rich in culture and history, Barcelona is equally known for its unique delicacies that combine zest, spice, and seafood. You must try some of these legendary dishes in Barcelona in September.

Paella: This iconic rice and seafood dish actually originates from Valencia. It is considered Spain’s national dish and is found in every corner of the country. 

Bombas: These are ball-sized potato croquettes that are served with two different sauces: a white garlic aioli and a rich spicy red sauce.

Crema Catalana: Known as the Creme Brulee of Spain, Crema Catalana is a decadent milk-based dish. The dessert is made of milk turned into a custard and flavored with lemon and orange zest, which gives it a zing.

Hacks & Tips to Visit Barcelona in September

  • Low accommodation prices, cheaper flights, lesser crowds, and the perfect weather are all highlights and are what make September a great month to visit Barcelona.
  • If you missed out on other festivals in September check out Le Mercé or Festa Major del Poblenou that happen later in the month.
  • The Swab Barcelona Art Fair takes place in September and is a great chance for amateurs to peek into the world of art.
  • The National Day of Catalonia has in recent times become a politically charged celebration. While it is an amazing cultural experience to be a part of it, refrain from making any statements against the movement unless you are a Catalan or an expert!
  • A lot of locals get the day off on National Day of Catalonia that happens on 9 September and head to Barcelona making it unusually crowded for September.
  •  September is a great time to take a day trip outside Barcelona and also head to the various beaches.
  • With summer behind you, the temperatures in September are perfect for taking a walking tour of Barcelona. There is a range of walking tours you can take to explore Gaudi sites, the Gothic quarter, and La Ramblas.
  • Be aware of your possessions, petty crimes in Barcelona, especially on public transportation are very common.
  • Carry an umbrella because there may be light showers in September.
  • Remember to check the schedules of events and festivals and if they have an entrance fee well in advance. 
  • If you’re out visiting a nightclub, remember that some clubs in Barcelona may have a dress code.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Barcelona in September

Is September a good time to visit Barcelona?

Yes, Barcelona in September has cool, pleasant weather and fewer tourist crowds.

What are the best things to do in Barcelona in September?

The best things to do in Barcelona in September include visiting top attractions such as Sagrada Familia,Camp Nou and Casa Batllo among many others. You can also explore Barcelona's theme parks, watch a flamenco show or go on a day trip while visiting Barcelona in September.

Is Barcelona cold in September?

The average temperature of Barcelona in September ranges between a high of 26ºC and a low of 13º.

How hot is Barcelona in September?

Barcelona is pleasantly warm in September. The temperature ranges between a high of 26ºC and a low of 13º.

Can you swim in Barcelona in September?

Yes, it is ideal weather to go swimming in September with the temperature of the sea being nice, warm, and toasty at 24°C. Highly recommended because it's neither too hot nor too cold.

Is it sunny in Barcelona in September?

It is sunny with clear skies but the weather is not too hot in Barcelona in September.

What clothes to wear in Barcelona in September?

Dress light during the day in holiday clothes like shorts, skirts, tees and blouses. In the night, if it gets chilly you can wear full pants or tops with sleeves and light cardigans.

Is it rainy in Barcelona in September?

There are a few days of rain, about 4 days in Barcelona in September.

Is Barcelona expensive to visit?

Barcelona in September is budget friendly because it is off season. Hotel and airfare prices are lower than the rest of the year. You can plan an inexpensive vacation by booking your tickets in advance online.

How safe is Barcelona?

Barcelona is generally safe for tourists. Watch out for pickpockets and petty thieves though. Anti-theft bags are a good investment.

What can I see in Barcelona in September?

La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Vicens, and Casa Mila are some of the many attractions you can visit with much fewer crowds in Barcelona in September.

What are the major events in Barcelona in September?

Le Mercé Festival, National Day of Catalunya – La Diada, Festa Major del Poblenou, BAM Festival are some of the major events in Barcelona in September.

What is the average temperature in Barcelona in September?

The average high is 26°C and the average low is 13°C.

What are the best things to do with Kids in Barcelona in September?

Take your kids to Barcelona's excellent museums for an educational experience. You can also take them along on a food tour or a hike for them to understand the culture in Barcelona a little better. Definitely take them to the beaches too!

What are the main festivals in Barcelona in September?

Festa Major del Poblenou, and BAM Festival are the main festivals in Barcelona in September.

What are the major events in Barcelona in September?

Diada Nacional de Catalunya and La Mercè are the major events in Barcelona in September.