Fundacio Joan Miro - Museums in Barcelona

The city of aesthetics, architecture, and paellas - Barcelona has a plethora of attractions to explore and admire. The Catalonian capital is famed for the cultural experience its state-of-the-art museums provide. An ode to the artist who embellished the Barcelonian culture with modern, surrealistic art, Joan Miro Museum, in itself, is no less than a masterpiece. The white architecture created by Josep Sert is home to Miro’s work bespoke with innovation and experimentation. Drawings, painting and sculptures, all of Miro’s great work can be found under this roof. Joan Miro Museum is curtsy the artist himself who donated a large chunk of his seminal work to the foundation. This showcase of contemporary art is phenomenal.

Why Visit the Fundacio Joan Miro? 

Nestled in the mountains, the white shrine to Joan Miro’s splendid work is one of the major attractions of Barcelona. The Catalonian capital is filled with his work right from the airport to the infamous street La Ramblas. Fundacio Joan Miro is a collection of the artist’s renowned work. The works adorning the walls of the Museum include some especially sculpted wall hangings. The museum also contains notable work of other striking artists amongst which are his wife Pilar Juncosa, Joan Prats and Kazumasa Katsutas. Explore the originating ideas of surrealism as you peruse the work of Miro. For art lovers, Fundacio Joan Miro is a distinct attraction full of statues, drawings, carpets and so much more original work of Joan Miro. 

The structure encompassing the art is often regarded as one of the World’s Best Museum Building. The warm interplay of space, light, and colors render the artist’s work larger than life. The white architecture is serene to behold and flexible to experience. 

Dive into a world of art and culture as you tour around the Joan Miro Museum. 

Fundacio Joan Miro is a coming together of great artists and should definitely be in your itinerary for Barcelona.

Getting to Fundacio Joan Miro

Easily navigable, Barcelona has many ways to get from one place to another. Explore all the ways you can reach Fundacio Joan Miro conveniently. 

By Taxi

A plethora of black and yellow colored taxis do rounds on the street of Barcelona. Hail any taxi with a green light signaling vacancy and direct it towards the Museum. Taxis’ main hub is the taxi ranks situated at prominent locations. Always take the first taxi as that is a queuing system they follow. All the taxis run by the meter, check that it is running once you start your journey.

By Metro

You can reach the Fundacio Joan Miro by taking the Green Line L3 to Parallel. From this stop, you need to change to the Funicular that will take you straight to the Montjuic. The museum is just a ten-minute walk from the station. The transfer is included in the price of the ticket in the first place. Line 2 is another fast way to reach Montjuic.

By Train

Taking a Line 55 bus will leave you at the Pg de Santa Madrona which is just a 4-minute walk away from the Joan Miro Foundation.

By Bus

You can take the 55 and 150 bus Parc de Montjuic. The Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona is well connected throughout the city and it is very easy to go from one place to another.

From the Airport

With a distance of 14 km, you can reach the Museum by hailing a cab or using public transport. You can take a direct shuttle to the attraction which will take you around 12 mins. If you take a train, you’ll need to switch at Sants Estacio and then walk for about 11 mins before reaching your destination.

Guided Tours

Booking a tour through the city with Joan Miro as one of the destinations will help you save a lot on transport. Hop on Hop off tours give you a lot of flexibility to explore the attractions of Barcelona. Head to Headout and get tempting deals on booking your tour now.


Located on the top of the hill, the Museum is in an open, isolated space. You’ll have lots of places to park your car on the side of the street. For more protected areas, you’ll find a lot of car parks near the attractions like BSM Ciutat del Theatre and BSM Placa Navas which are around 1 km away from Joan Miro Museum.

Top 10 attractions at and near Fundacio Joan Miro

Joan Miro

Tribute to Miro

Many artists have gifted Joan Miro their work which now permanently resides in the Museum. Max Ernst, Andre Masson, Antonio Saura, Eduardo Chillida and many more have their work adorning the walls of the museums. Taking in the art of Milo’s contemporaries gives people an idea about his style and its influence.

Jacques Dupin Library

Jacques Dupin Library

This Library is a reservoir of documents pertaining to the work of Joan Miro. Continuously expanding, the library acquires and conserves publications and audio-visual products highlighting the journey of art in the 20th and 21st centuries. A haven of information, this room is a goldmine for researchers, art students, and curious minds. An archive dedicated to Josep Sert is also created containing numerous documents on his work. (Image Credits)

Nalini Malani

Joan Miro Prize

The foundation has its roots in inspiring artists to innovate and inspire through their creations. To recognize such efforts, the Museum dedicates the Joan Miro Prize every 2 years to an artist who has taken forward Miro’s legacy. The artist’s work is exhibited in the museum, open for all the guests to explore. The last Joan Miro awardee was Nalini Malani. (Image Credits)

Joaquim Gomis Archive

Joaquim Gomis Archive

Look at the work of Joan Miro through the modern lens of Joaquin. A close acquaintance of Miro, the photographer has captured the process of Miro’s creative work. The archive holds 70,000 photographers, letters and catalogs outlining Miro’s working life. The archive is a seminal insight into the works of the surrealist artist. (Image Credits)

Miro Shop

Miro Shop

From Glassware to bookmarks, the Miro Shop is full of artistic souvenirs you can buy. Take a remembrance token back of your time spend with some inspiring art of Joan Miro. Decorate your home with exclusive products just from the Miro Shop. (Image Credits)

Parc de Montjuic

Parc de Montjuic

Just a 13 minute walk away, Parc de Montjuic is an impressive castle standing tall amidst the beautiful park. The panoramic views of the city from the top give you a new perspective of Barcelona. It is a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon. Enjoy spectacular views whilst also exploring some brilliant architecture.

Magic Fountain

The Magic Fountain

The opulent Fountain presents a  grandiose show full of music and lights. The dancing water and the singing fountain would definitely be a memory of a happy evening. Equally fun for kids and adults, The Magic Fountain is a must-see. The ornate fountain itself is a great place to get some aesthetic pictures for the gram!

Jardines de Joan Maragall

Jardines de Joan Maragall

Spend a calm evening surrounded by nature. The Jardins gardens are royal in every aspect. The gardens give you a soulful break after doing touristy things all day round. Rejuvenate as you sit, relax and take in fresh air to get you ready for the more attractions of Barcelona. (Image Credits)

Barri Gotic

Barri Gotic

Delved in the past, the Gothic Quarters of the city chart the journey of Barcelona. Just 2 km away from the Museum, the winding, old streets of this part of the city are never dull. With lively bars and tapas lining the quarters, it is a pleasure to unwind here. The architecture of the Barri Gotic stands tall and impressive. Do not miss out a lovely day at the Barri Gotic.

Cheese Spread

La Bombilla

After a day of exploring Barcelona, step into La Bomnilla for some divine wine and cheese. Please your palate with this freshly opened bar. Charcuterie plates and cocktails will mark your day. Spend some quality time in the elegant ambiance and give yourself a perfect end to the day.

Practical Information

Best time to visit the museum
Hotels Near the Attraction

The timings of the museum depend on the month and day you are visiting the foundation. From November to March, the museum can be visited between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Tuesday to Saturday, For the Sunday of these months, the Museum is open from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The months of April to October see the closing time extended to 8:00 PM and on Sunday it closes at 6:00 PM. The Museum is always closed on Mondays.

The Museum is a shining jewel of the cultural heritage of Barcelona and can be visited throughout the year but some months are more likely to give you a better experience. Visiting Fundacio Joan Miro during August is a good idea. The schools are off and you’ll meet no large student groups blocking your view. Spending a couple of hours inside the Museum would also give you some respite from the heat outside. 

Exploring the white structure in the early hour is pure bliss. The temperature is low and it is the best time to enjoy some time at the terrace of the Museum. The morning also sees fewer crowds making the experience enjoyable and comfortable.

Handy Insider Tips

  1. The entry ticket to the museum costs 12 € for adults. Students and Senior Citizens (65+) get tickets at the discounted price of 7 €.
  2. Buying the Barcelona Card allows you free access to the Museums.
  3. Barcelona City Pass allows you to skip long waiting lines and just enter the Museum and start exploring.
  4. Facilitate your tour with an audioguide to have a better understanding of the architectural nuances and about Miro’s style. The audioguide comes at a surcharge of 4 Euros.
  5. All guests can use free Wi-Fi in the Museum.
  6. Don’t miss the skyline views of Barcelona from the terrace of the museum.
  7. Look out for exhibitions that the Museum keeps hosting.
  8. Most of the gallery rooms allow photography except a few especially the ones with his work on paper.
  9. Wear comfortable shoes to roam freely.


Q. Is Photography inside the museum allowed?
A. Yes. Most galleries are open to photography but certain rooms containing hand-done work on paper prohibit photography.

Q. Is the Museum open on Christmas?
A. No. The Museum closes on 25th and 26 December as well as on 1st January.

Q. How long does it take to explore the Museum?
A. It takes around couple of hours to go around the Joan Miro Museum.

Q. When is the last admission into the Museum?
A. The last entry into the museum is 30 mins before the closing time.

Q. Can events be organized at the Josep Sert’s building?
A. Fundacio Joan Miro can be booked for personal events. The architecture is very inviting for festivities with its beautiful gardens.

Q. Is the Library also closed on Monday?
A. No, even though the Museum is doesn’t function on Monday, the library is open from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Q. Can the documents in the library be reserved?
A. Yes, they can be. Although it depends on the discretion of the library staff which documents can ve reserved.

Q. Which paintings are must-see in the Museum?
A. The museum is full of the notable work of Miro and other artists. Some paintings to look out for are - Landscape Mont-Roig, Man and Woman in front of a pile of excrement, Seated Women, Solar bird sculpture and much more.