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Gothic Quarter Barcelona 

The Gothic Quarter is one of Barcelona’s oldest and most intriguing districts. With narrow alleyways and cosy cobblestone streets, the Gothic Quarter (Barrio Gótico in Spanish) is the historic center of the city home to landmark sites, atmospheric bars and restaurants and a bustling neighborhood. With its old-world charm that perfectly captures the essence of Barcelona from centuries ago, the Gothic Quarter cannot be missed!

What is the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona?

gothic quarter barcelona
  • Considered to be the historic center of the old city of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter encompasses the oldest parts of the city. The Gothic Quarter has a labyrinth of streets that open out into squares.
  • It also includes the remains of Barcelona’s Roman wall and many other notable medieval landmarks.
  • A majority of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona is closed to regular traffic but allows service vehicles and taxis.
  • Popular landmarks within the Gothic Quarter include the Cathedral of Barcelona, Els Quatre Gats and political hub Plaça de la Generalita.

Where is the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona?

The Gothic Quarter is part of the Ciutat Vella district in Barcelona. It stretches from La Rambla to Via Laietana, and from the Mediterranean seafront to the Ronda de Sant Pere.

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Top 10 Things to do at Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

gothic quarter barcelona - barcelona cathedral
gothic quarter barcelona

2.Visit Catedral de Santa Eulalia

Catedral de Santa Eulalia is another gothic cathedral in this area and it stands on the highest point within the Gothic Quarter. The cathedral was constructed during the Romanesque period  but it was finished in the medieval era. Surrounded by a maze of medieval lanes with a grandiose facade and an abundance of spires and vertical buttresses, Catedral de Santa Eulalia is a bright and spacious sanctuary that you must visit.

gothic quarter barcelona

3.Stroll Through Plaça del Rei

Arguably one of the most beautiful squares in Barcelona’s old town, Plaça del Rei is surrounded by impressive medieval buildings. Within this square, you’ll find the Palau Reial Major (Royal Palace) where remains of the old Roman town were discovered while rebuilding the palace. In another corner of the square is Casa Clariana Padellás which is home to the Historical Museum of Barcelona. 

gothic quarter barcelona
gothic quarter barcelona - souvenirs
gothic quarter barcelona

6.Enjoy a performance in Plaça de la Generalitat

Plaça de la Generalitat is considered the political heart of Barcelona, because the City Hall and palace of the Catalan government are located here. While you’re exploring this square you will spot performers  dancing the Sardana (a traditional Catalan dance) or castellers building human pyramids. On Sunday mornings, you can also visit the City Hall that opens its doors to visitors. 

gothic quarter barcelona

7.Visit Iglesia de Santa Maria del Pí

The awe-inspiring Gothic church of Santa Maria del Pí has a fortress-like facade with a pointed-arch doorway that features a statue of the Madonna and a large rose window. As you enter this magnificent structure, you will get a chance to see the 14th-century tomb of Arnau Ferre, who died at the Siege of Catania in Sicily, a treasury with sacred art as well as goldsmith and silversmith work among many other things.

gothic quarter barcelona

8.Learn About Barcelona’s Jewish Past

Head to El Call, Barcelona’s old Jewish Quarter that is one of the most beautiful areas of the Gothic Quarter. With narrow streets brimming with history that dates back to the medieval period, the Jewish Quarter has an old synagogue, a little square to unwind and many restaurants and bars. 

gothic quarter barcelona

9.Party Like a Local

Aside from its rich history and iconic architecture, the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona also transforms into an incredible party destination in the night. The part of the Gothic Quarter near the port has a range of bars, dance clubs and cocktail lounges where you can party until the early hours of the morning!

gothic quarter barcelona

10.Stop Time in a Tranquil Square

The Gothic Quarter is home to many tranquil squares that you can stroll through. Visit some of the best squares in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona: 

Plaça de Sant Felip Neri: To pay respect to the events of the Spanish Civil War.

Plaça Reial: Visit it during the day to appreciate the beautiful Gaudi-designed lampposts and an incredible fountain that draws in locals and visitors alike. 

Plaça d’Antonio Lopez: Try coffee with views of old Roman walls.

Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol and Plaça del Pi: Explore art and farmers’ markets. for a weekend of art and also a farmers’ 

History of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

  • The history of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona goes hand-in-hand with the city itself.
  • While Barcelona is currently the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia within Spain, it still has an intricate history all the way back to Roman times in the Middle Ages.
  • Barcelona was founded as a Roman city during the Middle Ages and the Gothic Quarter has its roots within this original founding along with the Roman walls. These walls have stood the test of time and are still standing as part of the Barcelona Cathedral.
  • The early history of Barcelona is found within the Gothic Quarters in the form of Roman ruins.
  • The Gothic Quarter is quite literally the heart of Barcelona and its founding origins.

Know Before You Visit Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

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Visitor Tips

  • When visiting any religious site in the Gothic Quarter (or anywhere in Barcelona!) make sure to cover your shoulders and wear modest clothes if you don’t want to be turned away at the door.
  • Carry comfortable shoes because you will be walking around to see all the sites.
  • There is a lot to see, so plan your day and ensure you check out all the highlight attractions.
  • The squares in the Gothic Quarter are unmissable, so remember to spend some time exploring atleast a few of them.
  • Carry back traditional souvenirs from the many shops in the Gothic Quarter to remember your trip by,

Know More About Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

Is Gothic Quarter safe in Barcelona?

For the most part, it is safe to walk through the streets of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. It is usually crowded with lots happening all around.

Why is it called the Gothic Quarter?

Dating back to medieval times, the Gothic Quarter used to be a Roman village and and still has remnants of its past.

Where do you walk to Gothic Quarter in Barcelona?

You can walk through the many streets and squares in the Gothic Quarter and explore the landmark attractions like the cathedrals.

When was the Gothic quarter in Barcelona built?

The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona was built between the 13th and 15th centuries.

What are the best things to see in Gothic Quarter in Barcelona?

Cathedral of Barcelona, Catedral de Santa Eulalia, Plaça de la Generalitat are some of the best places to see in Gothic Quarter in Barcelona.

Does the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona have specific opening hours?

No, it is an area in Barcelona with several streets and squares and is open throughout the day. Attractions within the Gothic Quarter do have specific opening times.

Why is the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona famous?

The Gothic Quarter is the historic center of Barcelona and is intrinsically linked to its history since the medieval times. Over the years, it has become a relevant tourist destination with many attractions and events for visitors to explore.

What are the main attractions in Gothic Quarter in Barcelona?

Cathedral of Barcelona, Catedral de Santa Eulalia, Plaça de la Generalitat are some of the main attractions in Gothic Quarter in Barcelona.

Where can I eat in Gothic Quarter in Barcelona?

Can Culleretes, Tapeo, Les Quinze Nits are some of the best places to eat in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona.

How can I reach the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona?

The best way to get to the Gothic Quarter is to take the metro.