Discover the Major Artists at MOCO Museum Barcelona

The MOCO Museum Barcelona is home to the works of some of the most well-known modern and contemporary artists. If you're an art buff, then MOCO Museum serves as the ideal location for you to connect with artists from around the world. Read on to discover some of the major artists and their art work that's displayed at the museum.

Top 6 Famous Artists at MOCO Museum Barcelona

Banksy - Moco Museum


About: Banksy is an influential street artist who has developed a great body of work. He uses satire and dark humour to display topics like environmental, socio-political issues, anti-war and more, that people can connect with. 

Exhibit: Banksy (Permanent)

Famous Artworks at MOCO Museum: Laugh Now, Girl with Balloon, Flower Thrower, Forgive Us For Trespassing, Bullet Hole Bust

Keith Haring - Moco Museum

Keith Haring

About: Keith Haring is a famous Pop Art Graffiti artist who used empty advertisement blackboards through the subway system as the matte surface helped him do quick chalk drawings. The museum has collections of several of his iconic graffiti-style pieces of art.

Exhibit: MOCO Modern Master (Permanent)

Famous Artworks at MOCO Museum: Haring Dog, Dancing Man, Bat Demon, Radiant Baby, and Angel

Moco Museum Barcelona - Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

About: Andy Warhol got Pop Art to fame. His art was an illusion of wealth and materialism of Coca-Cola bottles, Campbell Soup Cans, and more. His work highlighted the cruelty of human behaviour and society.

Exhibit: MOCO Modern Master (Permanent)

Famous Artworks at MOCO Museum: Portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, and Elvis.

KAWS aka Brian Donnelly - Moco Museum Barcelona

KAWS aka Brian Donnelly

About: Donnelly aka KAWS has a diverse artistic practice of contemporary artists, with many examples of work exhibited at the MOCO Museum. He uses graphic, vibrant paintings, sculptures, and unique design pieces from illustration to pop culture.

Exhibit: KAWS

Famous Artworks at MOCO Museum: Final Days, Companion (Passing Through), NYT

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkins

Yayoi Kusama

About: Yayoi Kusama is an influential contemporary artist who is famous for transcending Pop Art and Minimalism. Her pumpkin and polka dot works are a result of her lifelong obsessions with the subjects.

Exhibit: MOCO Modern and Contemporary

Famous Artworks at MOCO Museum: Night of Stars

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Moco Museum Barcelona

Jean-Michel Basquiat

About: Basquiat was famous for using an assemblage of symbols and clues to examine power structures in his work of art. He had a unique way of showing his surroundings. Eventually, in 1981, his art transitioned from the streets to top-tier galleries.

Exhibit: MOCO Modern Master (Permanent)

Famous Artworks at MOCO Museum: Piano Lessons

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Banksy - Laugh Now - Moco Museum Barcelona

Laugh Now

 Artist: Banksy

About: Banksy’s Laugh Now is one of the most famous artworks that is exhibited in the MOCO Museum Barcelona. It is a monkey wearing a sandwich board that reads ‘Laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge.’

Where to find it: MOCO Contemporary Masters

Roy Lichtenstein - Moco Museum


Artist: Roy Lichtenstein

About: Masterpiece is a 1962 pop art painting by the pioneer himself featuring a woman’s face in a comic book style and is one of his most well-known pieces. He uses classic Ben-day dots and narrative content within a speech balloon.

Where to find it: MOCO Modern Masters

Andy Warhol - Moco Museum Barcelona

Marilyn Monroe

Artist: Andy Warhol

About:  Andy Warhol’s screen print of Marilyn Monroe is an iconic piece of art that is one of the most recognizable pieces of Pop Art. After her death in 1962, it was created as a beautiful tribute to Marilyn Monroe.

Where to find it: MOCO Modern Masters

Yayoi Kusama - Infinity Mirror Room

Infinity Mirror Room

Artist: Yayoi Kusama

About: The Infinity Mirror Room offers an immersive experience of endless reflections and is Kusama’s most popular work of art in the MOCO Museum.

Where to find it: Digital Immersive Art

Keith Haring - Moco Museum

Radiant Baby

Artist: Keith Haring

About: The Radiant Baby is a popular image associated with Keith Haring which represents youthful innocence, potential, and purity.

Where to find it: MOCO Modern Masters

Visitor Tips

1.     Advance Booking: MOCO Museum Barcelona has millions of visitors flowing in every year to check out the museum and its glorious exhibits. It is best to book your tickets online well in advance if you know when you are visiting.

2.     Travel Light: The MOCO Museum Barcelona can be accessed with small bags or handbags. Large backpacks or other bags can be dropped at the small cloakroom for a fee.

3.     Maintain decorum: While visiting MOCO Museum Barcelona, make sure you do not touch any artworks and ensure you keep a safe distance from the exhibits. Outside food or drinks are not allowed.

4.     Arrive Early: If you are keen to skip the crowds at the MOCO Museum Barcelona, make sure you arrive at the earliest hour of the day in order to be able to enjoy the collections peacefully.

5.     Purchase Barcelona Card: If you wish for free entrance to the MOCO Museum, you will have to purchase a Barcelona card. Students can get a discount while booking the MOCO Museum Barcelona tickets.

6.     Shop at the Museum webshop: Carry back a memento of the place by shopping for merchandise like posters, clothing, and more at the museum webshop.

Frequently Asked Questions about Artists at MOCO Museum Barcelona

What artists are at the MOCO Museum Barcelona?

The MOCO Museum Barcelona features a great collection of modern works by famous artists like Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama, Keith Haring, and many more.

What are the famous art exhibits at MOCO Museum Barcelona?

MOCO Museum in Barcelona has an array of exhibits, such as MOCO Masters-Modern and MOCO Masters-Contemporary.

Is MOCO Museum Barcelona worth it?

Visiting the MOCO Museum Barcelona is worth it as it is a wonderful place to discover the work of some legendary artists like Nick Thom, Takashi Murakami, and many more.

What does MOCO stand for in the MOCO Museum?

The MOCO in MOCO Museum stands for Modern Contemporary Museum.

Where can I get MOCO Museum Barcelona tickets?

You can purchase your MOCO Museum Barcelona tickets online in advance and enjoy great deals and discounts.

How long does it take to walk around the MOCO Museum?

 It completely depends on how immersed you get with the art, but it should take 2-3 hours to check out all the exhibits and explore MOCO Museum Barcelona in its entirety.

What is the best time to visit MOCO Museum Barcelona?

We recommend you visit the MOCO Museum Barcelona during the weekdays as the crowds tend to be thinner.

What are the opening hours of MOCO Museum Barcelona?

MOCO Museum Barcelona is open from Monday to Thursday between 10 AM to 7 PM and Fridays to Sundays between 10 AM to 9 PM.

Where is MOCO Museum Barcelona located?

MOCO Museum Barcelona is situated on Carrer de Montcada, 25, 08003, Barcelona, Spain.