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Top Barcelona Museum Tickets | 21 Best Museums in Barcelona

Barcelona has been graced by many talented artists, from Picasso, Gaudí, Ribé, Miró, and Dali to the most-recent graffiti artist, El Pez. Some separated by centuries and others by decades, their art has come together to make Barcelona the hub of immersive cultural experiences. Every year, Barcelona attracts millions of visitors, who flock to the vibrant city seeking unforgettable artistic and historical experiences. The museums in Barcelona embody the city's metamorphosis over decades, reflecting changing social, cultural and historical contexts. Your experience in Barcelona is incomplete without a visit to its endlessly intriguing museums.

Top 21 Museums in Barcelona

museums in barcelona Picasso Museum

1. Picasso Museum

Art Museum

Barcelona has dedicated an entire museum to Picasso’s artistic prowess, showcasing an extensive collection of his early years’ works, such as the First Communion and Science and Charity. 

Why Visit: 4,000 pieces showcasing Picasso's work through the years, a gallery of mature Cubist paintings and inspiring temporary exhibitions make Picasso Museum absolutely unmissable.

Timings: 9 AM to 7 PM (Tue-Wed; Fri-Sun), 9 AM to 9:30 PM (Thu); Closed on Mondays 

Address: Carrer Montcada, 15-23, 08003 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €12
museums in barcelona FC Barcelona Museum

2. FC Barcelona Museum

Sports Museum

FC Barcelona, the immensely popular football club has its very own museum situated at the heart of the Camp Nou stadium that attracts over 1.2 million visitors each year. It was established in 1984 and has since kept up to date with the club's major highlights.

Why Visit: Get a chance to browse through old photos of the players and gaze at some of their most impressive trophies. All of this is part of the popular Camp Nou experience.

Timings: 10AM to 5PM (Mon-Sun)

Address: s/n Carrer d'Arístides Maillol, Barcelona, Catalunya, 8028, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €28
museums in barcelona Fundació Joan Miró

3. Fundació Joan Miró

Art Museum

Founded by Joan Miró in 1968, this modern art museum consists of a permanent exhibition of Miró’s art along with works dedicated to Miró by other artists, like Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, and André Masson.

Why Visit: Aside from the permanent collection with Miró's trademark organic forms, the outdoor sculpture gallery is a treat to visit. You'll find yourself surrounded by greenery of Parc de Montjuïc as you admire art.

Timings: 10AM-6PM (Tue-Sat), 10AM-3PM (Sun); Closed on Mondays

Address: Parc de Montjuic, s/n, 08038 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €8
museums in barcelona Gaudi House Museum

4. Gaudí House Museum

History Museum

The Gaudí House-Museum, located within the Park Güell is a historic home museum that houses a collection of furniture and objects designed by the Spanish architect Antoní Gaudí who stayed there from 1906 and 1925.

Why Visit: Many of the artifacts in the museum were Gaudi's personal belongings and evoke memories of when the architect lived in the house. The rooms are also recreated to mirror how Gaudi actually lived.

Timings: 10AM to 6PM (Oct-Mar: daily), 9AM to 8PM (Apr-Sep: daily)

Address: Carretera del Carmel, 23A (Park Güell), 08024 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €5
museums in barcelona Museu d’Historia de Barcelona

5. Museu d’Historia de Barcelona

History Museum

Museu d’Historia de Barcelona (MUHBA) exhibits the archaeological excavation of the Gothic Quarter which was accidentally discovered in the 1920s. See an ensemble of medieval buildings and Roman ruins that represent the foundation of Barcelona.

Why Visit: Learn about the unique story of the region and discover nuances of the heritage and culture of northeaster Spain.

Timings: 10AM-7PM (Tue-Sat), 10AM-8PM (Sun); Closed on Mondays

Address: Placa del Rei, S/N Barri Gotic, 08002 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €4.50
museums in barcelona Museu Marítim de Barcelona

6. Museu Marítim de Barcelona

History Museum

A reminiscence of Spain’s glory days of being the supreme power on sea, this museum houses Royal Shipyards, antique navigation charts, a life-sized replica of the Ictíneo I, one of the world's first submarines.

Why Visit: This maritime museum celebrates everything ship-based. The building that houses the museums was used in the building of galleys during wartime.

Timings: 10AM to 8PM (Mon-Sun)

Address: Av. de les Drassanes S/N Drassanes Reials, 08001 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €10
museums in barcelona Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

7. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Art Museum

This Italian-styled palace was originally constructed for the International Exhibition of 1929. Today, it houses a remarkable collection of Romanesque and Catalan art spanning from the 12th to 20th centuries.

Why Visit: Witness impressive 'rescued' 10th century murals, a brilliant gothic collection and a fantastic Modernista collection.

Timings: 10AM to 6PM (Tue-Sat), 10AM to 3PM (Sun)

Address: Palau Nacional. Parc de Montjuic Palau Nacional, 08038 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €12
museums in barcelona Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

8. Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

Art Museum

Designed by architects Piñon and Viaplana CCCB hosts thematic exhibitions that showcase contemporary art, thought-provoking debates, and unique festivals and concerts.

Why Visit: CCCB frequently welcomes big international names as guest speakers who discuss important contemporary issues.

Timings: 11AM to 8PM (Tue-Sun); Closed on Mondays, 24, 25 and 31 December and 1 and 5 January

Address: 5 Carrer de Montalegre, Barcelona, Catalunya, 8001, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €6
museums in barcelona Museu de la Xocolata

9. Museu de la Xocolata

History Museum

Learn about the history of chocolate, stroll past the different chocolate-making machines, dating back centuries, and even participate in a workshop to know how to cook a sweet dish like a chocolate truffle.

Why Visit: This is an unmissable attraction if you're a chocolate-lover who's also interested in the history of your favorite snack and how it has evolved!

Timings: 10AM-7PM (Mon-Sat), 10AM-3PM (Sun)

Address: Carrer del Comerç, 36, 08003 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €4.30
museums in barcelona Fundació Antoni Tàpies

10. Fundació Antoni Tàpies

Art Museum

The Fundació Antoni Tàpies was created in 1984 by the Catalan artist, Antoni Tàpies, to foster the study of contemporary art. Located in the old publishing house, it holds a complete collection of Tàpies’ artwork and combines temporary exhibitions, symposia, lectures, and film.

Why Visit: Admire works by Tàpies who famously used aste paper, mud and rags as part of his paintings in the 1950s.

Timings: 10AM-7PM(Mon-Sat), 10AM-3PM (Sun)

Address: Carrer d'Aragó, 255, 08007 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €8
museums in barcelona sagrada familia

11. Sagrada Família Musuem

History Museum

The Basílica de la Sagrada Família is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Barcelona and has a museum located on the ground floor of the church open since 1961. It contains original and restored drawings by Gaudí.

Why Visit: Explore the museum if you want to discover intriguing details about the life and working process of the brilliant architect Antoni Gaudì.

Timings: 9AM - 6PM

Address: Calle Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona. Find it on a map.

from €20
MACBA museums in barcelona

12. Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA)

Art Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) houses Barcelona's main collection of contemporary art and its permanent exhibits focus on Catalan and Spanish artists while the temporary exhibitions are more international.

Why Visit: MACBA shines as a beacon of modernity in the Raval neighborhood and is a must-visit to explore a variety of art works.

Timings: 11AM - 7.30 PM ( Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) 10 AM - 8 PM (Saturday) 10 AM - 3 PM (Sunday)

Address: Plaça dels Àngels, 1, 08001 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €11.00
museums in barcelona - moco museum

13. MOCO Museum Barcelona

Art Museum

MOCO Museum Barcelona is fantastic modern and contemporary art venue that showcases artworks of modern geniuses like Andy Warhol and Yayoi Kusama. It opened its doors to visitors on 16 October 2021.

Why Visit: It is home to the world's first NFT exhibit and many other note-worthy exhibits.

Timings: Mondays to Thursdays: 10 AM to 7 PM, Fridays to Sundays: 10 AM to 9 PM.

Address: Carrer de Montcada, 25, 08003 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €17.50
museums in barcelona - wax museum

14. Wax Museum Barcelona

Entertainment Museum

The Wax Museum in Barcelona houses a collection of over 200 wax figurines of celebrities and other figures spread across 28 halls, each with a distinct theme.

Why Visit: View wax figures of renowned public personalities like Barak Obama, Lionel Messi, Albert Einstein, Greta Thunberg and many more.

Timings: Monday – Friday: 10 am – 1:30 pm and 4 pm – 7:30 pm, Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays: 11 am – 2 pm and 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

Address: La Rambla, 6, 08002 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €20
museums in Barcelona

15. Big Fun Museum

Entertainment Museum

Big Fun Museum is an interactive space housing a time-out zone and seven distinct museums dedicated to whacky themes, all under the same roof.

Why Visit: Optical illusions, an upside down house, a sweet museum and a time out zone are some of the many fun activities.

Timings: Daily - 11 AM to 7 PM.

Address: Big Fun Museum, Rambla de Sant Josep, 88-94, 08002 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €20
museums in Barcelona - poble espanyol

16. Poble Espanyol

History Museum

This open-air architectural museum in Barcelona was built for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. It has 117 full-scale buildings replicated from different places in the Iberian Peninsula.

Why Visit: View pieces of contemporary art by universal figures like Dalí, Picasso, Miró o Guinovart.

Timings: Monday: 10 AM - 8 PM, Tuesday - Sunday: 10 AM - 12 AM

Address: Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13, 08038 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €11.20
museums in barcelona - egyptian museum

17. Egyptian Museum

History Museum

The Egyptian Museum of Barcelona is a treasure trove of Egyptian art and culture. Spread over 2,000m² the museum showcases rich Egyptian history during the time of the pharaohs.

Why Visit: It has more than 1,000 exhibits - including sarcophagi, mummies, jewelery and amulets.

Timings: Daily: 10AM to 2PM - 4PM to 7.30PM

Address: Carrer de València, 284, 08007 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €12.00
museums in barcelona

18. KBr Photography Center - Mapfre Foundation

Art Museum

The Mapfre Foundation has established the KBr Photography Center dedicated to artistic photography. It has two exhibition areas, a bookstore, an area for educational activities and a multi-purpose auditorium.

Why Visit: It is renowned as a national and international reference in the field of photography.

Timings: Daily: 11 AM - 7 PM

Address: Av. del Litoral, 30, 08005 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €5
museums in barcelona

19. Museu del Modernisme

Art Museum

With over 350 works by 42 artists, Museu del Modernisme Català displays collections of paintings, sculptures and decorative arts created by modernista artists - such as Ramón Casas, Antoni Gaudí orJoaquim Miró.

Why Visit: It is the only museum dedicated solely to Catalan Art Nouveau.

Timings: Daily: 11 AM - 7 PM

Address: Carrer de Balmes, 48, 08007 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €10
museums in barcelona - human bodies exhibition

20. The Human Bodies Exhibition

Science Museum

The Human Bodies Exhibition offers a fascinating peek into the workings of the human body. This scientific and entertaining attraction promises an unforgettable experience where you’ll see workings of the human body you’ve never seen before.

Why Visit: A collection of real human body specimens (12 human bodies and over 150 organs) is on display.

Timings: Daily: 4PM - 8PM

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 385, 08015 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €8
museums in barcelona - cosmocaixa

21. Cosmocaixa

Science Museum

CosmoCaixa Barcelona is a museum that features an array of exhibitions, both permanent as well as temporary, showcasing nature, science, environment, and space. 

Why Visit: Understand the basic principles of science – from electric voltage tests to creating waves in a playful and fun environment. 

Timings: Tue – Sun: 10 AM to 8 PM. Closed on Mondays, 1st Jan, 6th Jan, and 25th Dec. 

Address: Carrer d'Isaac Newton, 26, 08022 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

from €6

Art Museums in Barcelona

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History Museums in Barcelona

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More Musuems in Barcelona

Barcelona is filled with art, history and science museums that you can explore and learn so much from. Here is a comprehensive list of all the important museums in Barcelona you must visit!





Catalan Museum of Archaeology

History Museum

9.30AM - 7PM

Passeig de Santa Madrona, 39, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

Ethnology Museum of Barcelona

History Museum

10AM - 8PM

Passeig de Santa Madrona, 16, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

Museum of Music

History Museum


Carrer de Lepant, 150, 08013 Barcelona, Spain

Perfume Museum

History Museum

10.30AM - 2PM

Pg. de Gràcia, 39, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona

Art Gallery

10AM - 7PM

Plaça de Pons i Clerch, 2, 2n, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Can Framis Museum

Art Gallery

11AM - 6PM

Carrer de Roc Boronat, 116, 126, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Frederic Marès Museum

Art Museum

10AM - 7PM

Plaça Sant Iu, 5, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Foundation Foto Colectania


11AM - 2.30PM. 4PM - 8PM

Passeig de Picasso, 14, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Erotic Museum of Barcelona

Sex Museum

12PM - 11PM

La Rambla, 96 bis, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Geological Museum of the Seminary

Science Museum

4PM - 6PM

Carrer de la Diputació, 231, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona

Science Museum


Plaza Leonardo Da Vinci, 4-5, 08019 Barcelona, Spain

Hearse Museum

Cultural Museum

10AM - 2PM

Carrer de la Mare de Déu de Port, 56, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

Know More about Top Museums in Barcelona

What 3 museums should you visit in Barcelona?

While Barcelona is filled with an array of interesting museums, the top 3 museums in Barcelona include Picasso Museum, FC Barcelona Museum and Fundació Joan Miró.

What is the most visited museum in Barcelona?

The Sagrada Familia Museum and the FC Barcelona Museum are some of the most visited museums in Barcelona.

What are the top museums in Barcelona?

Some of the top museums in Barcelona include Picasso Museum, FC Barcelona Museum, Fundació Joan Miró, MACBA, CCCB and several others.

What are the best art museums in Barcelona?

The best art museums in Barcelona include MACBA, Museu Nacional d’art de Catalunya and Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.

What are the top history museums in Barcelona?

Casa Mila, Casa Vicens Gaudi, Egyptian Museum are some of the top history museums in Barcelona.

What are the best entertainment museums in Barcelona?

The Wax Museum and the Big Fun Museum are entertaining and fun museums to visit.

What are the most famous museums in Barcelona?

Picasso Museum, FC Barcelona Museum, Casa Mila, La Sagrada Familia Museum are some of the most famous museums in Barcelona.

What is in the FC Barcelona Museum?

The FC Barcelona museum has a collection of photos, documents and trophies detailing the club's history that users can see and interact with.

What is Barcelona famous for?

Barcelona is famous for its architecture, its variety of museums covering different themes and a thriving nightlife.

Where can I buy tickets to museums in Barcelona?

You can buy tickets to many museums in Barcelona as well other attractions in Barcelona online at great deals and discounts.