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If you ask a group of people to visualize a "prancing horse," chances are more than 70% would think of Ferrari's logo rather than an actual horse. 

That's the kind of magic Ferrari wields, and at PortAventura World's Ferrari Land, that magic translates into a thrilling theme park experience. Ferrari’s racing legacy, the amazing performance of its road cars, and the passion of its designers and mechanics—you can still enjoy all of these, even if you don't own a Ferrari! So, get your motors revved up and your senses primed because we're going to fill you in on the Italian company's origins, its namesake founder, and all the attractions at the Ferrari Land park!

About Ferrari Land

Ferrari Land honors the brilliance of Enzo Ferrari, his way of life, and his famous rosso corsa racing cars—symbols of invention, speed, and technology. Officially opened to the public on April 7, Ferrari Land is a small park characterized by one main feature. There is still plenty to discover, however. Constructed in less than two years, the site covers more than 70,000 square meters (750,000 sq ft) and was masterfully designed by PGAV destinations. Like PortAventura World itself, Ferrari has an obvious macho appeal, yet this is a park designed for the whole family.

History of Ferrari Land

In 1929, a young Italian racer named Enzo Ferrari started a remarkable journey with a big task that would shift the gears of motor racing forever. What was this task? He was to set up a racing team dedicated solely to competing in motor races!

Enzo wasn't just in charge of designing and managing some of the fastest cars, but he also raced them himself. People often mention that he was among the top drivers, and it was on the racing tracks that he really showed his deep love for thrilling experiences.

It took until 1947 for his growing business to be named after him. By that time, his company had already become well-known in the racing scene. The factory, which had been in Maranello since 1943, was on its way to becoming the icon it is today.

As you might expect, a history so filled with cutting-edge technology and stunning speeds definitely deserved a special place in PortAventura World. And what better way to celebrate this than with its own theme park?

Ferrari Land comes to life

On April 6, 2017, Ferrari Land opened its gates, the only theme park in Europe dedicated to the racing team!

Covering about 70,000 square meters, it has 16 thrilling rides where technology, safety, and adrenaline come together for an incredible experience.

Breaking down your Ferrari Land visit

The Park
Family-friendly thrills
Ferrari Land PortAventura

Picture walking down the main street, surrounded by landmarks like the Roman Colosseum, St. Mark’s Bell Tower, and even Michelangelo’s David sculpture. More than just a visual treat, this park replicates the town where Enzo Ferrari grew up. Whether you're in the mood to shop, eat pizza, or just people-watch, this place lets you do it all in style, complete with red and black flags that wave proudly, echoing the Ferrari spirit. Right in the center, you'll find the main attraction—the epic Ferrari experience.

Ferrari Land PortAventura

For those who love fast rides, Ferrari Land Salou won’t disappoint. It's home to 11 heart-pounding rides and attractions, including Red Force—one of Europe’s fastest and tallest roller coasters. Zoom from 0 to 112mph in just five seconds and soar up 367 feet into the air! It's thrilling even for the most experienced thrill-seekers.

Ferrari Land PortAventura
Ferrari Land PortAventura
Ferrari Land PortAventura

Ferrari Land offers a variety of dining options to cater to different tastes and budgets. Here's a detailed breakdown of the restaurants you'll find within the park:

  • Ristorante Cavallino: This restaurant is a recreation of the favorite Italian restaurant of F1 drivers in Maranello. It offers a fine-dining experience with a menu featuring classic Italian dishes like pasta, pizza, and fresh seafood. Diners can also enjoy a selection of Italian wines and other beverages.
  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Beverage: Italian wines and other beverages
  • Pit Lane: If you're looking for a quick and easy bite, Pit Lane is the perfect spot. This fast-food restaurant offers a variety of burgers, hot dogs, fries, and other snacks. They also have a selection of soft drinks and beers.
  • Cuisine: Fast Food (Burgers, Hot Dogs, Fries)
  • Beverage: Soft drinks and beers

Frequently Asked Questions about Ferrari Land

What's the thrill level at Ferrari Land? Can my whole family enjoy it?

Absolutely! Ferrari Land caters to a wide range of ages and preferences. While adrenaline junkies will find heart-pounding rides like the record-breaking Red Force vertical accelerator, families can bond over simulators, slower car-themed experiences, and even a dedicated kids' area with gentler attractions.

How much time do I need to spend at Ferrari Land?

A full day is ideal to experience everything Ferrari Land has to offer, especially if you want to ride all the attractions, explore the shows, and savor the Italian-inspired restaurants. However, if you're short on time, you can still have a fantastic half-day visit by prioritizing your must-dos.

What if I'm not that into rides? Are there other things to do?

Definitely! Ferrari Land isn't just about white-knuckle thrills. Explore the interactive Ferrari Gallery, a treasure trove for car enthusiasts, showcasing the history and design of the iconic brand. Catch the heart-stopping performance of "Pit Stop Musical," a live show with acrobatics and music. You can even test your racing skills on state-of-the-art simulators.

What should I wear and bring with me?

Comfort is key! Opt for comfortable shoes suitable for walking and waiting in lines. Since Spain gets sunny, wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially if you're visiting during the warmer months.

Is there food available at Ferrari Land?

Yes, you won't go hungry! Ferrari Land offers a variety of food options, from casual cafes and fast-food joints to sit-down restaurants serving delicious Italian cuisine. There are also kiosks selling snacks and drinks throughout the park.

How do I get to Ferrari Land?

If you're staying in Salou, Cambrils, or Vila-seca, you can easily reach PortAventura World by bus. Taxis are readily available, and there's even a dedicated train station "PortAventura" with connections to Barcelona and other cities. If you're driving, ample parking is available at PortAventura World.