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Imagine a place where the world folds in on itself like a well-worn map, cramming the thrills of the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Wild West, and even a dash of Sesame Street into one glorious day. That, my friend, is PortAventura Park – a theme park fiesta that'll have your adrenaline singing flamenco and your inner child doing the Macarena.

PortAventura Park is like a choose-your-own-adventure novel comes to life. Feeling peckish? One minute you can be devouring churros in charming Polynesia, the next you're refueling with a juicy burger in the Wild West, complete with a saloon shootout (minus the actual bullets, of course!) So, “first time?” (Smirks in James Franco) Worry not, for this guide is packed with all the information you’ll need to make your visit absolutely seamless!

Fun fact: PortAventura Park was the first theme park built in Spain! It now has over 5 kilometers of roller coasters.

What can you see at PortAventura Park?

Mediterranean world

As you enter the park, you arrive in the Mediterranean world, styled after a typical port city in Catalonia. The Welcome show, Sésamo Parade, and Sésamo Parade Special Light performances, along with many other entertainment events, happen here by the lake. This area also hosts several shops and restaurants and features the roller coaster Furius Baco, which was Europe's fastest when it opened in 2007. From here, you can take a boat from Port de la Drassana or the Estació del Nord narrow-gauge train to explore other areas of the park.


In the quieter Polynesia section, you'll find performances worth watching like Aves del Paraíso with parrots and other exotic birds, Aloha Tahiti showing Pacific traditions, and dance performances in Pareos en Bora Bora at the restaurant. The Tutuki Splash water slide takes you through the twists of a sleeping volcano, and you'll also enjoy swinging by the Kontiki pirate ship.


China covers a large part of PortAventura World and features a path styled like the Great Wall of China. This area is famous for its two roller coasters, Shambhala and Dragon Khan, both of which set European records. Dragon Khan is known for its highest loop and most turns (8). Shambhala was once Europe's fastest (134 km/h) and tallest (76 m) track and includes the longest drop (78 m, with 2 m underground). If you love thrills, this is your spot!


In the Mexico area, you step back into the era before Christopher Columbus discovered America. Here, the Hurakan Condor tower, standing tall at 115 m, lets you free-fall at 115 km/h — definitely not for the faint-hearted! The El Diablo Tren de la Mina roller coaster takes you on a ride through the Central American landscape, El Secreto de los Mayas offers a large mirror maze, and you can enjoy a fun ride on the Yucatán carousel. Gran Teatro Maya is the biggest venue for performances in the park.

Wild West

True to its name, the Far West section, the largest area-wise in the park, mimics a small town from a Western movie. Here lies the wooden roller coaster Stampida, the third largest in the park. You can race trolley sets side by side on most of its track, with a kids' version called Tomahawk. Besides, you can take a water boat on the Silver River Flume or a raft on the Grand Canyon Rapids to experience the beauty of American nature.


The little ones will adore SesamoAdventure, themed after the popular Sesame Street TV show. They can choose from the Tami Tami roller coaster, the adorable CocoPiloto ride, the El Salto de Blas free fall controlled by their own strength, or the detective quest Street Mission. Plus, they can meet characters like Bohoušek, Buk the bird, Kvak the frog, and others from the show.

Know before you visit PortAventura Park

Getting there


  • Flexible Option: Buses offer another great public transport option, especially if trains aren't available from your location.
  • From Barcelona: During peak season (July & August), direct bus services are available departing from Barcelona Nord Station at 9am, arriving at PortAventura at 10:30 am. The return trip departs at either 6:30pm or 7:30pm, depending on the season.
  • From nearby towns: Many nearby towns, especially those on the Costa Dorada, have local bus connections to PortAventura.
  • Racó de Mar: This delightful restaurant offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and serves up a delectable spread of Mediterranean cuisine. Think fresh salads, flavorful rice dishes, pizzas, and portions of pasta – perfect for a light and refreshing meal.
  • Puntos de Alimentación Mediterrània: Scattered around the Mediterrània area, these kiosks offer a variety of options for a quick bite. From burgers and sandwiches to refreshing salads and ice cream, you're sure to find something to satisfy your cravings.
  • La Cantina (Mexico): Craving a taste of Mexico? Look no further than La Cantina! This vibrant restaurant serves up all your Mexican favorites, from sizzling fajitas and burritos to tangy tacos and refreshing margaritas.
  • Vinosfera Tapes i Vins: If you want a taste of Spain, this charming tapas bar offers an extensive selection of small plates and delicious regional wines. It's a great option for sharing and sampling a variety of flavors.

Tips for visiting

  • If you're interested in visiting just one park, consider the 1-Day Pass which allows optional access to PortAventura Park, Ferrari Land, or Costa Caribe Aquatic Park. This is a cost-effective choice if you’re focusing only on one park.
  • If you are staying in Barcelona and want a hassle-free experience, choose a ticket with return transfers. The PortAventura Park from Barcelona Full-Day Trip and PortAventura Park & Ferrari Land with Return Transfers are great as they include transportation and access to the parks.
  • Download the PortAventura World app. It displays live queue wait times, helps you plan your route, and lets you book restaurant tables (avoid hangry meltdowns!).
  • Sunscreen, a refillable water bottle, comfortable walking shoes (prepare for lots of steps!), and a hat are essential. Consider a locker for valuables, especially on water rides.
  • PortAventura Park allows you to come and go as you please throughout the day, as long as you have your valid ticket with you. For a hassle-free return, simply ask for a hand stamp at the park exit before you leave. This is a fantastic option if you need a break from the excitement to grab lunch at a nearby restaurant, cool off with a swim at your hotel pool, or explore the surrounding area. Then, with your handy stamp (or your ticket), you can zip right back into the park for more fun later!
  • Head to the back of the park first. Start your day in the park's furthest corner (Mediterrània or Polynesia) and work your way back. Popular rides near the entrance usually have longer queues that die down later. Utilize Single Rider queues (available on select rides) to fill empty seats, significantly reducing wait times.
  • The park extends its hours during peak season. Evening hours often see shorter queues, offering a thrilling end to your day.
  • Avoid heavy meals before high-intensity rides. Opt for snacks and water throughout the day to stay energized.
  • Water rides are a blast, but they can soak you. Pack a change of clothes, a poncho, or a quick-drying towel for post-ride comfort.
  • If you're comfortable riding solo, some rides offer single-rider lines that can significantly reduce wait times.

Frequently Asked Questions about PortAventura Park

Can I bring my own food and drinks into the park?

PortAventura Park allows you to bring bottled water but discourages outside food and drinks. However, there are a variety of restaurants and kiosks offering delicious food options for all budgets. Take advantage of the park's free water fountains to stay hydrated throughout the day.

How much time do I need to see everything in PortAventura Park?

A full day is ideal to experience all the rides, shows, and attractions. However, the amount of time needed depends on your pace and interest. Prioritize the rides and shows you're most excited about to ensure you experience them. Rent a locker for storing belongings, especially if you plan on going on water rides. Plan a visit of at least 3 hours to make the most of your visit.

What are the must-do rides at PortAventura Park for thrill-seekers?

PortAventura Park caters to adrenaline junkies! For heart-pounding drops, head straight to Furius Baco, an accelerator coaster that launches you from 0 to 135 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. If you love inversions, dive into Shambhala, Europe's tallest hypercoaster, featuring a 78-meter drop and multiple loops. For a unique experience, try Huracan Condor, a giant swing ride that soars 100 meters in the air, offering breathtaking views of the park.

I'm traveling with young children. What areas of PortAventura Park are best for them?

PortAventura Park offers a delightful balance for families with little ones. Sesame Street Adventure features a variety of playful rides, shows, and meet-and-greets with beloved Sesame Street characters. Little adventurers will love Costa de Daurada, a vibrant area themed after the Mediterranean coast, with kid-friendly rides like the exciting Angkor and the classic Teacups. Furthermore, the park offers SésamoAventura, a large water play area perfect for cooling down and burning off energy.

What are my dining options within PortAventura Park?

PortAventura Park offers a diverse range of dining options to suit all tastes and budgets. From quick-service restaurants serving delicious pizzas, burgers, and salads to themed eateries offering regional specialties like Mexican or Chinese cuisine, there's something for everyone. If you're looking for a sit-down meal with table service, consider one of the park's many restaurants, some even offering stunning views.

Is it possible to leave and re-enter PortAventura Park throughout the day?

Yes, you can leave and re-enter PortAventura Park as long as you hold onto your valid park ticket. For easy re-entry, you can ask for a stamp at the park exit before leaving. This is a great option if you want to take a break from the park for lunch or a refreshing dip at your hotel pool and then return for more thrills later in the day.