A Guide to Visiting Barcelona in October | Attractions, Weather & More


Rightfully named the 'cosmopolitan' capital of Northeastern Spain, Barcelona is a city for everybody - sports fanatics, food lovers, art & architecture enthusiasts - there's something that will pique all interests here! While there is no right time to visit, October is considered ideal courtesy of great weather, a slew of festivals, and fewer tourists. Read on to discover the best things to do in Barcelona in October.

Is October a Good Time to Visit Barcelona?

September is not only the best month to enjoy late summer vibes in Barcelona, it is also off-season, so no annoying touristy crowds! Plus, several lesser-known but cool festivals take place during this month.

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Why You Should visit

  • A large helping of warm and sunny days. Pleasant weather interspersed with a few showers of rain. 
  • Just enough sun to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Noticeable slowdown of the summer tourism rush, so you’ll have plenty of space to enjoy the city and take in its sights.
  • All prime tourist attractions are open.
  • Empty streets and attractions for you to visit, leisurely explore all the places of interest on your bucket list without waiting in long queues and crowded alleyways.
  • The airfare and accommodation fares are comparatively lower because it's off-season.
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What To Look Out For

  • October has six rainy days on average but since it is majorly cloudy most of the time, this month demands an umbrella at your disposal all the time.
  • You can leave your winter jacket behind but because October is one of the wetter months, you may want to carry a light waterproof jacket.
  • If you forget an umbrella, don't worry, you will find cheap umbrellas at every corner tourist store.
  • Sadly, beach weather is considered over but you can dare to take a dip.
  • There are plenty of events to get excited about, be it horror film festivals, jazz shenanigans, or the local take on Munich’s Oktoberfest.

Overview of Weather in Barcelona in October

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More About Weather in Barcelona in October

How hot is Barcelona in October?

Summer has just ended and winter is a few months away, but the highlight is the amount of rain in October. It is higher than most months before it, but that said, it is largely dry and there can be warm sunny days. Expect very pleasant temperatures during the day, with the average temperature high being 23°C and average temperature low being 17°C.

Can You Swim at Beaches in Barcelona in October?

Early October is really the last chance to swim in the sea at Barcelona beaches without too much discomfort. The average temperature of the sea is cool, verging on cold, 20°C. 

Does it rain in Barcelona in October?

The chances of rainfall are high on nearly six days in the month of October. The cloud cover is fairly high so you will largely witness cloudy skies but it may not rain on all days. Fog and snow are highly unlikely in Barcelona in October.

Is Barcelona Windy in October?

Conflicting winds are a regular occurrence because Barcelona is perched on a slightly elevated plateau. In October a moderate breeze comes in from the south with average wind speeds reaching 8.1mph, which is moderately windy at all.

Top 12 Things to do in Barcelona in October

Since October in Barcelona is not overly crowded, you can actually relax and enjoy Gaudi’s creations in Barcelona. Peak seasons are notorious for long line-ups, heat, and for being overly crowded. The following places and things are must-visits when in Barcelona in October.

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barcelona in october - park guell
barcelona in october - casa vicens
barcelona in october - casa mila
barcelona in october - casa batllo
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9. Discover Barcelona Hidden Gems By Bike

Biking Experience

Get on a bike and paint Barcelona red because October is the only month you can do this without dropping unconscious from a heatstroke! The reason this way of exploring comes highly recommended is that the city is flat and dry and has plenty of bike lanes, at least once you get out of the overcrowded Old Town.

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10. Enjoy A Lively Flamenco Show

Cultural Experience

Nothing shows off the culture of Spain than the iconic gypsy folk song and dance show, traditionally called a Flamenco Show. Most travelers to the Catalan capital want to catch a show during their visit, and arguably the best place to do so is at Tablao Cordobes, a wonderful Andalusian-style concert venue on Las Ramblas.

October Timings: Daily from 5 PM to 10:30 PM

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11. Head To A Cool Halloween Party

Spooky Party Experience

It isn't customary to celebrate Halloween in Barcelona but that doesn't stifle spirits! In the recent past Halloween celebrations have grown increasingly popular with several clubs and bars putting on special events, particularly Irish pubs and clubs, that draw in lots of students.

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12. Culture Festivals In October

Cultural Experience

Alternative cultural conventions galore during the month of October so don't be surprised if you spot a group of people in weird and wonderful outfits on a random day in October. The BAUM Fest, is a showcase of all things ‘urban culture’, with expos on tattoos, breakdancing, and extreme sports, amongst other activities while the  EuroSteamCon steampunk festival offers a chance for aficionados of the genre to put on their finest vintage stylings and meet and mingle for various spectacles, conferences, competitions, and workshops. How cool!

Top Experiences & Things to do in Barcelona in October


Festivals in Barcelona in October

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Events in Barcelona in October

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Know Before You Visit Barcelona in October

Travel Essentials
What to Wear
What to Pack
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Time Zone: GMT +2

Currency: Euro EUR - €

Country code: +34

Emergency numbers: 112

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What to Wear in Barcelona in October

  • Since October is when autumn is settling in, the average temperature is a cool 21°C with a few rainy days.
  • Wear a totally waterproof rain jacket since it will often be raining. Also, bring your shorts or a skirt for the warm days.
  • If you're a water baby, wear a swimsuit and a coverup to the beach, the water may be chilly.
  • The nights may get cold so it would be wise to carry long/covered pants, full-sleeved tops, and jackets.
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What to Pack in Barcelona in October

  • Power Adapter: A type F plug (grounded) or a type C plug (non-grounded).
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, and beach accessories for hitting the beaches.
  • Dressy clothes if you're visiting upscale restaurants or pubs.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • An umbrella for the rain.
  • A backpack to carry around during the day with enough compartments for all your belongings.
  • Anti-theft purses and crossbody bags.
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Getting Around Barcelona in October

By Metro: An extensive electric railway network, Barcelona runs mostly underground and has eight lines and 161 stations. Metro map.

By Bus: With 200 lines that run till late in the night extensively covering the city, exploring Barcelona by bus is convenient and cost-efficient. City bus map.

By Cable Car (Funicular): There are three cable car lines in Barcelona that you can hop onto and take in majestic views of the city. Two lines reach Tibidabo while others offer access to Montjuïc.

Taxis and Bicycles: Taxis and bicycles on rent are available across Barcelona and can be taken on hire whenever convenient.

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Where to Stay in Barcelona in October

The beautiful city of Barcelona has the right type of accommodation for everyone. We've compiled a list of hotels that'll help you choose the one that's right for you.

Budget Hotels Hostal Boqueria, ibis Meridiana, Vincci Bit, Hotel Oasis, Hostal Sans, Casa Kessler, Violeta Boutique, Fabrizzio’s Petit, 360 Arts & Culture

Mid Range - Hotel Ambit Barcelona, Murmuri Residence Mercader, Hotel Soho Barcelona, Hotel Cuatro Naciones, Hotel Pratik Vinoteca, Hotel Costanza, Mayerling Schumann Barcelona

Luxury Hotels Mercer Hotel Barcelona, Casa Camper, Mandarin Oriental, Grand Hotel Central, Majestic Hotel & Spa, Soho House, H10 Casa Mimosa, El Palace, Catalonia Magdalenes

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What to Eat in Barcelona in October

Explore traditional dishes of Barcelona across the city. Strongly influenced by the daily catch from the sea, be prepared to savor fresh and delicious seafood delicacies.

Paella: This iconic rice and seafood dish actually originates from Valencia. It is considered Spain’s national dish and is found in every corner of the country. 

Esqueixada: Summer might be on its way out in Barcelona in October, but one dish that is perfect for sunny al-fresco lunches is Esqueixada. The salad dish is made from shredded salted cod, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and, olive oil.

Bombas: These are ball-sized potato croquettes that are served with two different sauces: a white garlic aioli and a rich spicy red sauce.

Hacks & Tips to Visit Barcelona in October

  • October makes for a great time to remain outdoors so you can plan a guided tour on foot to discover local heritage hotspots in the city. It’s also a great idea to rent bikes this season.
  • It’s a good idea to layer up if you’re traveling to Barcelona in October as the weather can be slightly unpredictable owing to the rainfall. Keep jackets and umbrellas handy if you’re visiting the city in October.
  • It’s imperative that you carry an umbrella if you’re visiting in October. Getting drenched in the rain may be fun, but it isn't fun to fall sick when in the company of such a vibrant culture!
  • October marks the arrival of mushrooms in Barcelona so head to local food joints and enjoy some local mushroom-rich delicacies.
  • You’ll also see the local market is flooded with chestnuts - make the best of this time to enjoy warm roasted chestnuts on the streets.
  • Check out the local museums and art galleries in October as this month sees many temporary art installations and exhibitions across the city.
  • Halloween is also big during October, as are other festivals like the Oktoberfest and BAUM Fest.
  • Be aware of your possessions, petty crimes in Barcelona, especially on public transportation are very common.
  • Remember to check the schedules of events and festivals and if they have an entrance fee well in advance. 
  • If you’re out visiting a nightclub, remember that some clubs in Barcelona may have a dress code.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Barcelona in October

Is October a good time to visit Barcelona?

Yes, Barcelona in October has cool, pleasant weather, with few rainy days and fewer tourist crowds.

What are the best things to do in Barcelona in October?

The best things to do in Barcelona in October include visiting top attractions such as Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou and Casa Batllo among many others. You can also explore Barcelona's theme parks, watch a flamenco show or go on a day trip while visiting Barcelona in October.

How hot is Barcelona in October?

Barcelona is not hot in October, some days may be pleasantly warm while others cloudy. The temperature ranges between a high of 23ºC and a low of 13ºC

Can you swim in Barcelona in October?

September is the last of the beach season in Barcelona but if the cold in October doesn't bother you, feel free to take a dip in the waters. The temperature of the sea is a cool 20°C.

Is it sunny in Barcelona in October?

It is not always sunny with clear skies, but most days are dry and the weather is not too hot in Barcelona in October.

What clothes to wear in Barcelona in October?

Dress light during the day but do carry your umbrella and waterproof jacket for the rains. In the night, if it gets chilly, you must layer clothing, like full pants or tops with sleeves and light cardigans and jackets.

Is it rainy in Barcelona in October?

One of the wetter months, Barcelona in October experiences about 6 days of rain.

Is Barcelona expensive to visit?

Barcelona in October is budget friendly because it is off season. Hotel and airfare prices are lower than the rest of the year. You can plan an inexpensive vacation by booking your tickets in advance online.

How safe is Barcelona?

Barcelona is generally safe for tourists. Watch out for pickpockets and petty thieves though. Anti-theft bags are a good investment.

What can I see in Barcelona in October?

La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Vicens, Casa Mila are some of the many attractions you can visit with much fewer crowds in Barcelona in October.

What are the major events in Barcelona in October?

Barcelona's Oktoberfest, Sitges Film Festival, BAUM Festival are some of the major events in Barcelona in October.

What is the average temperature in Barcelona in October?

The average high is 23°C and the average low is 17°C.

What are the best things to do with Kids in Barcelona in October?

Take your kids to Barcelona's excellent museums for an educational experience. You can also take them along on a food tour or a hike for them to understand the culture in Barcelona a little better.

What are the main festivals in Barcelona in October?

Barcelona's Oktoberfest, and Sitges Film Festival are the main festivals in Barcelona in October.