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  • Enjoy a guided tour of Casa Amatller, one of the three important buildings in Barcelona's famous Illa de la Discòrdia (‘Block of Discord’).
  • Chocolate manufacturer Antoni Amatller owned this home with design and refurbishing done by the famous architect, Josep Puig i Cadafalch.
  • Explore the opulent house which gives an insight into the Catalonian high society of the early 20th century.
  • Discover all corners of the Amatller Institute for Hispanic Art.
  • The house is a true example of Catalan modernism and of a period that was full of splendor and history.
  • Architectural styles such as Romanesque and Catalan Gothic create the staggered façade, full of symbolism and decorative elements.
  • Check out the extensive collection of art, glass, paintings, pottery, and photographs that have exceptional artistic value.
  • Relish an Amatller’s original hot chocolate from the café, included in this ticket.

This ticket has the following options you can choose from:

  • English Guided Tour
  • Spanish Guided Tour
  • Catalan Guided Tour
  • Audio Guided Tour
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Casa Amatller Barcelona

Situated on Passeig de Gracia, Casa Amatller is a perfect work of Catalan modernism built by the architect Puig and Cadafalch in 1898. The façade is significantly admired by all since its beginning but the thing that leaves you awestruck is its interiors. The museum is conserved with all the original furniture and décor. Visit Casa Amatller in Barcelona to admire some truly stunning architectural styles!

Why Visit Casa Amatller Barcelona?

Casa Amatller tickets
  • Travel back in time to the 19th century and witness a historic miracle. 
  • Explore the old living quarters of the chocolatier Amatller, located on the first floor, and check out the astounding interiors and ornate furniture.
  • Stop by at the chocolate shop at Casa Amatller and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth, the house sells cocoa-based products to satisfy that craving. 
  • You can take a guided tour of the museum to learn a lot about the Amatller family history and how their heritage is embedded in the architecture of the structure. 

Highlights of Casa Amatller Barcelona

Casa Amatller tickets

The Façade

Puig I Cadafalch’s beautiful creation, the Casa Amatller is an amazing structure that combines the neo-Gothic style along with ridged facades that have taken inspiration from the homes in the Netherlands. The façade easily stands out as it is decked up with Flemish ornaments. There have been fine work done by artists and artisans on the graffito, cabinetwork, stone, and ceramics, all directed by Puig.  

Casa Amatller

Ornate Furniture

Also designed by Josep Puig I Cadafalch, you can’t take your eyes off the splendid ornamentation work of Catalan modernist architecture that’s added to the furniture. This was a part of the work of art in the Antoni Amatller collection of the museum. In all, the overall design of the space and the efforts of those hands that went into making it more glorious managed to create a unitary architectural work. 

Casa Amatller

Exhibition Space

The ground floor of Casa Amattler has a magnificent lobby as you enter, that leads you to a glass door that was previously a garage. This would grant access to kitchens and rooms for the staff. The area is at present occupied by the cafeteria where you can grab a hot chocolate from the shop out there. 

The vestibule leads to a courtyard from where the monumental staircase will take you to the main floor of the Amatller family, decorated beautifully with sculptures and is wrapped by a spectacular modernist skylight. 

Casa Amatller


Casa Amatller in Barcelona preserved an exceptional collection of extensive works of art within its interiors. A lot of work is from various eras and portrays a different artistic category as a whole. These works of art are to date, preserved in their original form in the house and it will leave you awestruck! 

The major highlights are paintings, a Romanesque altarpiece from 1200, a painting by Ramon Casa, contemporary jewelry by Lalique, archaeological glass collections of cultural and historical value, and so much more.

Plan Your Visit To Casa Amatller Barcelona

Getting There
casa amatller tickets

Thu – Fri: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm | 

Sat: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm | 

Sun: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm 

Note: Mon-Wed: Closed 

Address:  Pg. de Gracia, 41, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

  • Metro: Passeig de Gracia; take lines L2, L3 or L4
  • Buses: Tourist Bus, lines 7,20,22,24,39,45,47,67,68, H10, V15 and V17

Walking: You can easily get to Casa Amatller by foot as it is located right next to Gaudi’s famous Casa Batllo, situated at the heart of the city center.

Casa Amatller ticket

The interiors of the house remained largely intact until date, hence It serves a range of purposes. 

  • Casa Amatller is used as a historic house museum. 
  • The attraction has a café and a chocolate shop within it. 
  • Serves as a scholarly study center known as the Amatller Institute for Hispanic Art. 
  • The space is open regularly for scheduled tours. 
casa amatller tickets

Here are some places you can grab a quick bite after your visit to Casa Amatller.

  • Faborit Fresh Bar: Prepared with top-quality ingredients and flavored oils. Panini and wraps for you to enjoy at any time of the day. 
  • Moments: Fresh and healthy cuisine inspired by Catalan culinary culture, offering the finest gastronomic experiences in Barcelona. 
  • Tapas 2254: Check out for an innovative take on Spanish food and artfully plated tapas in a warm setting. 
  • Bankers Bar: With a great indoor and outdoor setup, Banker’s Bar provides an extensive variety of cocktails, from your much-loved classics like Bloody Mary, Margarita, or Cosmopolitan. 
casa amatller tickets

We want you to make the most of your trip. Here are a few of the top attractions that are close to Casa Amatller and make for an incredible experience.

Interesting Facts about Casa Amatller

  • In 1976, Casa Amatller was declared to be a historic-artistic monument. 
  • The ground floor of the structure is accessible to visitors and consists of the caretaker’s office. What’s surprising? It is still intact. 
  • You can spot the finest stained-glass windows of the modernist era. 
  • When you pass the garage glass door, which once used to be the kitchen of the house, is now a chocolate store that sells Amatller chocolates.

Visitor Tips

  • If you wish to explore the house beyond the first floor, you need to opt for a guided tour. 
  • Guided tours are available in English, Spanish, Catalan and French. 
  • For an in-depth understanding of the place, visit on a Wednesday for a guided tour. 
  • CCasa Amatller provides wheelchairs for people with physical disabilities.
  • Selfie sticks are not permitted inside the venue. 
  • In order to protect the floor and the décor, you are not permitted to walk in pointed heels, walking sticks, no backpacks or umbrellas. You will be given a shoe covering while entering Casa Amatller. 
  • Enjoy hot chocolate made from Amatller’s real recipe which can be purchased from an on-site chocolate shop. 
  • We recommend you to take a prior appointment in case of group visits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casa Amatller Tickets

What is Casa Amatller?

A building with great Modernisme style in Barcelona, designed by architect Josep Puig I Cadafalch. Casa Amatller is now a historic house museum with a café within and also has the Amatller Institute for Hispanic Art, which is a scholarly study center.

Where can I buy Casa Amatller tickets?

Casa Amatller tickets can be purchased from the ticket office on the day of your visit. Although, we recommend you to buy them online well in advance because the tour allows only 12 people at a time and hence the tickets can be sold out

When is Casa Amatller open?
  • Thu – Fri: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm 
  • Sat: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Sun: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Do you need to book Casa Amatller tickets online in advance?

It is recommended to book your tickets ahead of time in order to secure a spot since Casa Amatller is a very popular tourist attraction in Barcelona and can get crowded.

What are the best things to see inside Casa Amatller?

The entire House is a gem to witness but you must not miss out on the facade that is the highlight of the place. Other elements like the ornate furniture, the exquisite works of art, and the glass collections are few of the major things that are a must-see on your visit at Casa Amatller Barcelona. 

What is Casa Amatller Barcelona?

Designed by renowned Catalan architect Josep Puig I Cadafalch, Casa Amatller is a modernisme building that is situated in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain. The exact address is: Pg. de Gracia, 41, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

What is the best way to reach Casa Amatller Barcelona?

You can reach it through a metro, train or by bus. 
Metro: Go for L2, L3 or L4
Train: R2N, R2S, R3, RG1
Bus: 102, H10, H12, 7

What are the nearby attractions to Casa Amatller Barcelona?

Since you are exploring Casa Amattler, there is no harm in checking out the popular attractions in the vicinity to add onto your Barcelona bucket list. Check out Casa Batllo, Cathedral La Seu, La Sagrada Familia, Santa Maria Del Pi, to name a few. 

Who built Casa Amatller Barcelona?

The building was originally constructed by Antoni Robert in 1875. Later in 1898, the Amatller family hired the Catalan architect Josep Puig I Cadafalch to refurbish the structure.

Is Casa Amatller Barcelona safe to visit?

It is absolutely safe to visit Casa Amatller as you can explore one of Barcelona’s well-known historic structures and its architecture. You can always opt to go for a guided tour if you are confused and want to have a complete experience of your trip.