Tips For Visiting Park Guell | The Ultimate Visitor's Guide

Park Guell is one of the most popular attractions in Barcelona, attracting people from all over the world. The architecture, the views, and the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site are unlike anything you will find in Europe, making it a must-visit destination for those in Barcelona. Plan your trip properly to get the most out of your experience. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make the best of your visit.

Tips For Visiting Park Guell

Park Guell Tips
  • Buy your ticket online to avoid the lines. Park Guell is an extremely popular attraction and it would be safe to assume that the lines to get into Park Guell can be very long, especially during the summer months. Save yourself some time by buying your ticket online ahead of time.
  • Park Guell is free for Barcelona residents. If you are a resident of neighborhoods adjacent to the park including La Salut, El Coll, El Carmel, Can Baró, El Baix Guinardó, and Vallcarca-Penitents can avail of free access using an admission card.
  • We recommend that you take the bus while going to the park as it is faster than walking uphill from the metro station. However, on your way back, you can take the metro. You can walk up to the Metro Station and get a feel of the locality in the evening.
Park Guell Tips
  • Get there on a weekday if possible. Weekends tend to be extremely busy, so if you can, try to go during the week for a less crowded experience. The mornings are the best time to visit Park Güell as it is usually less crowded and the weather stays pleasant. Visiting the park in the afternoon may not be such a great idea, especially during the summer month.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You will thank us later for this one! The park is on a hill and you will be walking a lot because it is huge, so wear your comfortable clothes and sturdy footwear. Carry a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen lotion, to protect yourself from the heat.
  • Carry water and snacks with you. If you are planning to explore all parts of Park Guell, you may be spending hours walking and trekking through its grounds and archways. The rewarding experience will be just as tiring, and so you need to keep yourself fed and hydrated.
Park Guell Tips
  • Park Guell has plenty of washrooms all over the park. Keep a map at hand to easily locate them.
  • Take advantage of the many picnic areas throughout the park to relax and grab a bite in between.
  • If you're looking for souvenirs or unique gifts to bring back home, be sure to check out the Park Guell souvenir shop. Pick up some postcards and mugs that feature Gaudi's designs.
  • Inside, visitors can explore the park at their own pace and leisure around at their leisure. Do try to explore the Biodiversity Route to get a glimpse of the diverse flora and fauna that the park houses.
  • It's no surprise that there are plenty of things to see inside Park Guell. So, make sure to plan your visit in a way that you have plenty of time to explore the park.
Park Guell Tips
  • Use the free Park Güell App. With all of the restrictions in place, it can be difficult to know where you are allowed to go and what you are allowed to see. The Park Güell App will help you navigate your way around the park and make the most of your time there.
  • There are several great spots in Park Guell from which visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Barcelona. Be sure to take advantage of these!
  • Don't miss the lizard mosaic. One of the most popular spots in Park Guell is the mosaic of the lizard, popularly called the El Drac. Make sure to stop by and take a picture!
  • If you don’t mind staying till late evening, find a comfy spot on one of the rooftop benches and witness the golden charm taking over Barcelona’s skyline as the sun sets on the horizon.

Park Guell Rules & Regulations

  • Tickets you buy allow you to enter the park within the allotted band of 30 minutes. Once a ticket is validated, you can’t leave the premises and enter again on the same ticket.
  • Children under the age of 14 who are not accompanied by an adult will not be allowed entry.
  • There are designated picnic areas and do not eat in other locations.
  • Take care not to lean against or climb over the peripheral wall or any other part of the monumental zone.
  • You cannot photograph or film the park or any of its parts for commercial purposes without prior permission from the authorities.
  • Don’t engage in any activity that might damage or deteriorate the property in any way.
  • Keep the Park Güell clean and tidy at all times. Use the bins made available throughout the park to discard waste.
  • Pets are allowed inside provided they are on a leash. Be sure not to leave them unattended, as you would be responsible for any damage caused.
  • Entering the perimeter walls of Park Güell or breaking through security barriers is strictly forbidden.
  • Cycling and skating are prohibited inside the park.
  • You cannot undress, take off your shoes or lie down in the heritage area or in the gardens of the enclosure.
  • Smoking is not allowed in some areas of the park. Those areas are properly signposted, so respect them.
  • Megaphones, loudspeakers, or any device that amplifies the voice is prohibited.

Park Guell Tickets

What facilities are available at Park Guell?

Park Guell offers facilities such as disabled access, a cloakroom, free WiFi, baby-changing, phone charging, and information desks.

What safety rules must be followed at Park Guell?

Visitors should not climb on structures or harm plants/animals. Keep belongings safe and follow staff instructions.

Can you bring food and drinks inside Park Guell?

Yes, you can bring food and drinks inside, but should dispose of trash in designated bins.

Can pets enter Park Guell?

No, pets are not allowed except for guide dogs.

What is the dress code for visiting Park Guell?

There is no specific dress code, but comfortable clothing and footwear is recommended.

Are restrooms available at Park Guell?

Yes, restrooms are located throughout the park.

Is photography allowed at Park Guell?

Yes, photography is allowed, but professional equipment should not be used without permission.

Is smoking allowed at Park Guell?

No, smoking is not allowed to maintain a healthy environment for all visitors.

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