When you hear the word Barcelona, you are already expecting a colorful and spectacular city. And you wouldn’t be wrong. From the evergrowing La Sagrada Familia to the matchbox shops in the La Boqueria, Barcelona engages all your senses. 

Barcelona has a Gothic influence and you see it at the Gothic Quarter. You also get to see the remnants of many religious empires throughout the city and it never fails to amuse you with its rustic yet contemporary feel. Our Barcelona travel guide has all you need to know about the city, when to visit, the best attractions and much more!

Why Visit Barcelona

1. If you’re an Art Lover: Barcelona is the best place to experience a heady mix of contemporary and street art. After coming out of the MACBA, you just might get an idea of where art is headed next. A walk down any lane lets you admire the graffiti and street art.

2. If you’re a History Buff: The Sagrada Familia has been under construction for over a hundred years. The religious symbolism in it and its unique nature-infused construction, making it the crown jewel of Barcelona.

3. If you love Music Festivals: If you want to get familiar with the live music scene, Barcelona is the place to head at. The Sonar and Primavera Sound music festivals will astound you if you happen to visit Barcelona in spring. Other than those, the Razzmatazz and Sala Apolo would be booming with the hottest electronic music.

4. If you’re a Shopaholic: Head down to Las Ramblas. It is one of Europe’s most famous streets and houses scores of coffee shops, restaurants, shops, flower stalls, kiosks and stalls for souvenirs, etc. an entire day can be spent at these stalls as you try some of the extremely authentic dishes.

5. If you love Football: Last but not the least, Barcelona is home to one of the world’s greatest football clubs. Because Barcelona has mountains and beaches, there are so many sports that can be enjoyed on this terrain.

Barcelona Travel Essentials

Here's a quick round-up of essentials and tips you need to get planning for your Barcelona vacation! From the best time of the year to visit Barcelona, to tips and hacks no one has told you - we've got you covered.

Barcelona Essentials
Best Time to Visit
Public Transport
Travel Tips & Hacks

Barcelona Basics

  • Language - Catalan, Spanish
  • Currency - Euro (EUR)
  • Time Zone - GMT +1 hour
  • Country Code - +34
  • Socket Type - C and F
  • Visa Application For Barcelona
  • Barcelona Airport - El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto

City Info

  • The top two languages spoken are the Spanish language and the more local, Catalan language.
  • Barcelona follows the Central European Standard Time.
  • As Spain is a part of the EU, the currency in Barcelona is the Euro.
  • The country code for Spain in 34 and the area code for Barcelona is 93.

Traveling with Kids

  • Barcelona for kids is all about FC Barcelona.
  • There are guided tours of the Camp Nou for all those who love to chant Forca Barca.
  • Other than that, if you are taking a day trip across the city, there is nothing to worry about.
  • Food is in abundance and there are a lot of places where both kids and parents can enjoy equally.

Shopping Hacks

  • Plan your day ahead of time if you want to shop.
  • Many matchbox shops dot any street in Barcelona, but if you want to shop local stuff, you better head to Las Ramblas.
  • Not only will you get to taste the authentic Barcelonian taste but also be able to shop as you go.

Public Transport Passes

  • If you have the Barcelona Pass, it allows you unlimited access to the city’s public transport for up to 3 days.
  • There is also a travel card system that allows you to take the metro, the TMB, the local trains, etc.
  • Get the Barcelona City Pass to get a combo package of entrances to the city's popular attractions and access to the public transport system.

Budget Hacks

  • The Barcelona Pass allows you to save a lot of money.
  • It offers guided tours and food and travel are taken care of with the pass.
  • There is also a Barcelona All Inclusive card that you could use to your benefit.

Dress Code

  • Barcelona is a liberal city but has some conservative pockets.
  • While going to these, people should resort to simple dresses or skirts or wear comfortable pants and cotton blouses.

Rules and Regulations

  • Even though Barcelona is liberal, the Catalan capital has certain rules that you should follow.
  • Consuming alcohol in the streets is illegal.
  • Wearing bikinis or going topless is only permitted on the beach.
  • Possessing drugs that aren’t prescribed is also a criminal offense under Spanish law.

Coronavirus Advisory

  • We are aware that the COVID-19 outbreak might put a pause on your plans.
  • We urge you to cancel all non-essential travel to Spain.
  • We also encourage that you check out the CDC and WHO websites for official updates.
  • Please don’t fall prey to fake news. Facts are paramount.

Fun Things to do in Barcelona

Looking for offbeat, fun experiences in Barcelona? We have a whole list of them and then some more! You can learn to make paellas under a local’s guidance, go bungee jumping with Catalonia Adventures or even learn to tap your feet to some flamenco! Check out our top picks for the most fun things to do in Barcelona.

Art & Culture in Barcelona

With umpteen art galleries, myriad festivals through the year, vibrant architecture and a rich historic past - the art and culture of Barcelona is an interesting exploit. Here's a capsule edit of the art and culture in the Catalonian capital.

History of Barcelona
Art in Barcelona

Art & Architecture in Barcelona

Gaudi was a man who completely owned Barcelona when it came to unique architecture. To experience that, you could just go around town and find yourself floored by his work. There are a lot of exhibits in different museums all around Barcelona like the MNAC or the Picasso Museum. The Galeria Artevistas would have you waiting to view some of the world’s most pricey art.

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Events in Barcelona
Festivals in Barcelona

Eating in Barcelona

Catalonian cuisine combines the best elements of Spanish and French cooking with a unique Catalan flare - an unmatched palette. You can choose from an array of simple family-run restaurants or the city’s list of 23 Michelin-starred restaurants - whatever and wherever you choose to eat, your taste buds are in for a treat! Here are our favorite restaurants and must-have dishes in the city. Que Aproveche!


Top Restaurants in Barcelona

  1. Tickets
  2. Meneghina
  3. ABaC
  4. Alkimia
  5. La Vinateria del Call
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Tapas bars

Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona

  1. El 58
  2. Jai-Ca
  3. Quimet y Quimet
  4. El Vaso De Oro
  5. Lolita Taperia
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Must-Try Dishes in Barcelona

  1. Paella
  2. Bombas
  3. Escalivada
  4. Croquetas
  5. Pa amb Tomàquet
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street food

Best Street Food in Barcelona

  1. Patatas Bravas
  2. Entrepà
  3. Bikini
  4. Croquetas
  5. Tortilla de patatas
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Nightlife in Barcelona

From Flamenco and Tapas to night strolls in the Old City, Barcelona knows how to keep visitors engaged and enthusiastic. Nightlife in Barcelona is as vibrant as the city’s quirky architecture - it goes on till the wee hours of the morning and is said to be quite the scene! From techno to indie, you can vibe to any music of your choice, any given day of the week. You also get to choose from beachfront clubs, hole in the wall pubs or modern discotheques - as long as you’re wearing your dancing shoes, you’ll have a great time! 

Staying in Barcelona

Where you stay in the city makes a world of a difference. While budget is the most important deciding factor, there are multiple other factors you must take into considerations. Do you like staying someplace with good public transport connectivity, do you prefer staying within walking distance to the best bars in town or do you like staying in a secluded part of the city - away from the tourist hustle. After scouring the internet for the best places to stay in Barcelona, here are our top picks, basis budget and traveler reviews. 

Budget Hotels

For backpackers and budget-travelers there are many hostels and hotels in Barcelona you can stay for real cheap, without compromising on locality and quality. You can even wake up to a good breakfast spread here (sometimes)! Here are our top picks.

  • Hostal Barcelona Centro
  • Santa Marta Hotel
  • Hotel Canton

Economy Hotels

With slightly more frills than hostels, maybe a pool and closer to a star attraction in the city, these economically priced hotels are for those travelers looking for comfort at a reasonable rate. These hotels are a guaranteed value for money!

  • The Corner Hotel
  • Hotel Granvia
  • Hotel 1898

Luxury Hotels

For those who want to bask in the lap of luxury and take their vacation a notch higher, these luxurious 4 star+ hotels are just what you need. You'll have spas, splendid views, a feast for a spread and all that money can buy you!

  • El Palauet Living Barcelona
  • El Palace Hotel
  • Hotel the Serras

Boutique B&Bs

For the ones who like to live in style - boutique hotels are the obvious choice. Most boutique B&B buildings have a story to tell - old homes converted hotels with a charm like no other.

  • The Patio Barcelona
  • The5Rooms
  • Anakena House

Shopping in Barcelona

Shopping in Barcelona has everything from high-end foreign designer brands to clandestine local boutiques nestled in the backstreets. Some of the most popular things tourists buy from Barcelona include Artisanal Jewellery, Cava and Catalonian Cheese! You can also check out our souvenir shopping guide to Barcelona.